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What clothes you'll need for your own Discovery Adventures

Fancy doing your own family adventure - a mini version of what you might watch on the Discovery Channel? Now there's a range of Discovery Adventures clothes for outdoor families. We test them out.

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Hall Family Activity

Family Activity Log: 4 miles

East Kilbride Village

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Escaping Bulls and Getting Organised for Camping

What a fantastic Easter it has been! Read this latest newsletter.

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Starting your kids cycling with Islabikes

Jen and Sim bought their kids the highly recommended Islabikes. But just how good are they for the money?

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Grayston Family Activity

Family Activity Log: 5.5 miles

A sunny local walk, uncovering a new meadow

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Hall Family Activity

Family Activity Log: 2 miles

East Kilbride Village

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Grayston Family Activity

Family Activity Log: 4.9 miles

A good walk from the Bellingham Campsite
  1. I just want to say how grateful I am for this site. We are a relatively experienced camping family – but you have such great ideas and recommendations, I know finding this site will improve our camping experiences. Thank you for taking the time to create, develop and maintain this site.

    7:03 pm on April 23, 2017
  2. Hi
    I’m rather surprised you went walking in farmland with a dog…not on in NZ where I live.

    2:32 am on April 27, 2017
    • Yes, it’s allowed here in the UK as long as you stick to the public footpaths and have your dog on a lead.  Having your dog off lead and scaring livestock isn’t OK. 

      In the UK, we can’t walk very far in many places without it being farmland.  BTW, my sister lives in NZ. It’s on our bucket list to visit 🙂

      7:22 am on April 27, 2017
      • Thanks for the prompt reply. Pleased the rules say dogs must be on a lead. We’ve had enough farm experience though to be very wary of bulls…can be nasty.

        When I 1st found your site I was going to write & congratulate you on capitalising on a great idea…earning a living out of what you like doing as a family. Age…elderly…& family wise…all grown up & living somewhere else…we are at the opposite end of life to you, however one reason for writing is we’d like to be doing an “oldies” version of what you’re doing. Any suggestions? We’ve done a lot of travelling however rather than trying to detail it here I’ll dig up some coherent stuff I’ve written with a view of starting a website or blog or something to enable us to earn enough to keep on travelling…forever!!!! By the way we currently live in Napier…our 31st move in 57 years of marriage.

        12:16 am on April 28, 2017
        • We’d love to travel, but that’s something that will have to wait until the kids have finished school and when (or more likely, if) we retire.  So, on the website idea, here’s the reality: we don’t earn a penny from the website.  We both have jobs, so the website ‘work’ has to fit into early mornings and late at night, after the family have gone to bed.  It’s a bit of a passion; knowing that we help a lot of families get outside is great. We got a lot of emails and messages thanking us, which is why we do it.
          The website itself earns a little bit of money, but that’s to keep the lights on. Starting a basic website can be done on peanuts, but as traffic increases and social media increases, so do the costs.
          If we could earn a living from the website, there’s so much more we’d be able to do that could really help families. However, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.  Your situation might be different of course, if you don’t have a family to support and a mortgage. However, it’s a lot of hard work and can take years to get to that level.

          6:35 am on April 28, 2017

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Burghley House and Garden

As part of the 5CChallenge we visit the impressive Elizabethan Burghley House...and have a fab day out!

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Spring Sunshine and Getting Outside this Easter

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New panniers for family days out on the bike

I find panniers useful for family bike rides. We put some new panniers to the test. They even survived a spill on a descent.
  1. I haven’t ventured into the world of panniers as yet, however as munchkin is getting older I will probably get a set for the front of the bike, as I have a bike towbar on the back, so they cannot fit on there.

    8:50 am on April 10, 2017
  2. That’s a good idea, I use them most days as I have a bike seat for my youngest and can’t use rear panniers because his seat gets in the way. You will need to condiser your front forks as some carbon ones aren’t designed to take the extra weight as long if you have front suspension.

    12:29 pm on April 12, 2017

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