Cooking toast on a camping stove hob

The best camping stove toaster

Folding Hob Toaster

You don't need a grill on your camping stove to cook toast.

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Our Score: 9.0/10

We've given the Folding Hob Toaster the Thumbs Up award.

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The good

  • Simple but cooks toast great
  • Folds flat and takes up little space
  • Costs less than a tenner

The not so good

  • None

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The best price we've found so far is £4.99.

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Cooking toast on a camping stove hob

The best camping stove toaster

Our Review

Cooking toast at the campsite is quick and easy, with no prep and minimal clearing up.

However, you might need a big camping stove with a grill.

This is not the case.

Cooking Over the Hob

You can make toast over a simple single-burner camping stove.

The minimalist approach might be to hold bread with tongs over the flame. However, this produces mixed results as the heat isn't distributed, so you'll end up with non-toasted bread with very toasted (burnt) areas.

No, you need a simple folding toaster that goes over the top of the camping stove's hob.

The Best Folding Toaster

We've been camping for decades and have tried all sorts of contraptions for cooking toast.

By far, this is the best type of folding toaster that we've tried. We've had it for decades, too, and it still works great!

The folded toaster unfolded

Moreover, it folds flat, making storing and transporting easy.

The toaster folded up

A few companies make these and cost less than a tenner. 👍

Using the Toaster

It works very simply but effectively.

The mesh on the bottom sits on top of the hob. This mesh distributes the heat more evenly to avoid burnt areas.

The bread sits on the bars on the top side of the toaster.

It doesn't take very long to toast a slice of bread.

You can see it in action in our video below at 3:43

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As this cooks only one piece of bread at a time, you might be tempted by models that can cook multiple slices at a time.

We found these nearly useless.

You might find a round design in camping shops where you can prop four pieces of bread.

However, we found this cooked the bread unevenly, took longer, and the circular heat plate degraded and didn't last.

Our recommended folding toaster is more reliable, cooks toast better, and you'll get quicker results (even four slices).


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