Bag of Doritos crisps with taco mixture

Tacos in a Bag!

Tacos in a Bag

Posted by Gav.
First Published May 2023; updated Jun 2023.

This is an easy thing to do at the campsite. And minimal washing up!

'Tacos in a Bag' are great quick meal when camping, or even for an extended picnic or day camp.

Tacos in a Bag

Tacos-in-a-bag is a simple and fun meal. It could make an ideal meal for the first night on camp as it doesn't need much preparation.

There's not much to it, and you can prepare at home beforehand.

Tacos in a Bag Ingredients


As you can see, there's not a lot to this.

  • Some tortilla chips (most people want two bags).
  • Taco sauce. You can make this up at home and bring it with you.
  • Grated cheese.
  • Shredded lettuce.
  • Sauces as required, e.g. Salsa, Sour Cream, etc.
  • You can also add chopped tomatoes and sliced peppers.

We made this easy for us by making the taco sauce at home. We bought a bag of pre-washed lettuce and some Mexican tortilla 'dips', which we could add as a sauce.

Making Tacos in a Bag

Heating the taco mix in a trangia

Heating the taco mix

If you cooked the taco sauce at home, you could use it cold for the simplest meals. However, it is a lot nicer when warmed.

We used our Trangia to heat our taco sauce for a few minutes.

The bag of crisps open

The "Tacos"

Crunch the tortilla chips in the bag slightly (yes, this may sound wrong, but it turns out alright in the end!).

We found that using a knife to split open the bag lengthways was the easiest way to eat them.

You may have guessed that you put the taco mix into the bag.

The sauces to add

Add the ingredients and sauces to the tacos in the bag

Let your kids add the taco sauce, grated cheese, shredded lettuce, salsa, sour cream, and any other ingredients they wish into the bag. Watch that they don't overfill the bag.

Enjoying tacos in a bag from inside their den.

Enjoying tacos in a bag from inside their den.

Finally, get them to hold the bag shut, then lightly crunch and shake it.

Parent warning: make sure they have the bag closed before they shake it, and avoid them shaking it too vigorously!

Simply eat out of the bag with a fork.

"They're brilliant!" said our youngest.

Some crunched mixtures may not look that appetising, but they taste good. Here's a video the kids made...

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