The Robens Settler Field tent pitched in a field

Ultimate Robens Settler Field Tent Unboxing, Pitching, and Tour!

Robens Settler Field

The Robens Settler Field is a beautiful-looking tent that mixes old-world camping charm with modern high-tech innovations. Fortunately, Robens sent us a sample to try out, so read all the details below on what this tent is like.

Review Score

An excellent tent with retro charm and modern design.

Our Score: 9.0/10

We've given the Robens Settler Field the Thumbs Up award.

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award
Value for MoneyFeaturesFamily FriendlyQualityPracticality

The good

  • Retro AND modern
  • Breathable polycotton material
  • Not too heavy or big to transport
  • Designed for a wood-burning stove.

The not so good

  • None found so far!

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

Price Guide

Robens Settler Field has a recommended retail price of £1,192.99.

The best price we've found so far is £1,073.69. That's £119.30 off the RRP of £1,192.99.

Robens Settler Field Videos

YouTube Video Thumbnail
YouTube Video Thumbnail

Robens Settler Field Photos

The Robens Settler Field tent pitched in a field

The Robens Settler Field

Robens Settler Field tent with the main door open

Door open on the Robens Settler Field.

Diagram of the Robens Settler Field tent layout

The Robens Settler Field tent is the same as the Robens Klondike. Can sleep up to six, though we recommend a max of four people.

Diagram showing the Robens Settler Field tent dimensions

Tent dimensions

A view looking out from within the tent

A tent with views

People sitting inside the tent with the door open

Easy access with the large door open

Robens Hunter stove inside the Robens Settler Field tent

This tent comes ready for a wood-burning camping stove for many warm nights under canvas.

Tent lit up at night

Cosy nights.

The tent lit up at night under the night's sky

The Robens Settler Field pitched at night.

Tent lit up under the night sky with the moon

This tent looks gorgeous at night, too!

Look Around

Our Review

When I first saw this tent, I thought, "What a gorgeous-looking tent!".

"What a gorgeous-looking tent!"

The photos don't do it justice.

But the Robens Settler Field is not just a great-looking tent, it's practical, too.

Tent Layout

The Robens Settler Field uses the exact dimensions of the extremely popular Robens Klondike tent.

This means it can use the same accessories like footprints and carpets.

The tent is dome-style and can technically sleep up to 6, though it is much better for a family of four.

Diagram of the Robens Settler Field tent layout

The Robens Settler Field tent is the same as the Robens Klondike. It can sleep up to six, though we recommend a max of four people.

Room with a View

Of course, the big thing about the Robens Settler Field is those views from the tent.

The large tinted windows bring plenty of light into the tent.

That is one thing missing in traditional bell tents, but with this clever design, you have traditional looks with a modern practical tent.

Although you can fit an inner tent to separate the space into bedrooms, we think this tent is best without it.

Robens Settler Field tent with the main door open

Door open on the Robens Settler Field.

Sunshine coming through the tent windows

These large side windows on the tent are bug mesh, so help with ventilation on warm days and when you have a wood-burning stove in your tent.

Warm Tent

The polycotton 'canvas' tent material is much thicker than regular polyester tents.

This breathable material also insulates much more. You notice it as soon as you walk into the tent. The campsite sounds are quietened, and the temperature is better regulated.

If it's warm outside, it's cooler in the tent. If it's cold outside, it's warmer in the tent.

But you can make this tent even warmer by fitting a wood-burning camping stove, as the Robens Settler Field comes pre-fitted with a stove port for the flue.

This makes this tent perfect for extending your camping season into the cooler weather.

Tent lit up at night

Cosy nights.

Unboxing your new tent

We received the tent in a box with the new Robens logo on.

Robens Settler Field Box

The Robens Settler Field box. Inside this is the tent in the bag.

Inside the box is the polycotton tent bag. This bag has compression straps and plenty of expansion, which will help you get the tent back into the bag afterwards.

In addition to the tent, you will find the tent poles and pegs.

The tent poles and pegs.

In addition to the tent, you'll have the tent poles and pegs. Each with their own bags.

Pitching the Robens Settler Field

Pitching the tent is relatively straightforward.

For details, watch the part of our video on pitching the tent.

YouTube Video Thumbnail

Pitching can be summarised in 5 steps:

  1. Put out the footprint (if you have one).
  2. Roll the tent out and peg down the bottom loops of the tent.
  3. Insert the centre pole.
  4. Insert the door frame.
  5. Peg out the guylines and the rest of the tent.
The tent footprint pitched at the campsite

The tent footprint is an optional extra. It helps keep the bottom of your tent clean.

Me pegging out the bottom of the Robens Settler Field tent

Peg out the bottom loops of the tent.

Putting the centre-pole into the tent

Assemble and insert the central pole.

Fixing the doorframe on the Robens Settler Field

Assemble and insert the door frame.

Pegging out the tent's guy lines.

Peg out the guylines and remaining pegging points on the tent.

Robens Settler Field Footprint

Pitching the tent footprint

The footprint comes with lightweight alloy tent pegs.

You may come up blank if you search for the Robens Settler Field Footprint.

Instead, look for the Robens Klondike Footprint. Since the Robens Settler Field and the Robens Klondike are the same size, the footprint and carpet are the same.

The footprint is an optional extra, but worth it if you are camping when the ground could be wet and muddy.

This footprint has velcro on part of it. This is so the footprint can be rolled back if you want to stand a woodburning stove directly onto the ground.

This also helps you identify the front of the footprint, as this velcro must go where the tent's door will be.

The Robens Settler Field Carpet

Another accessory I recommend getting with this tent is the carpet.

Again, look for the Robens Klondike tent carpet, as it's the same.

The carpet rolls up into a bundle, complete with a carry handle.

A wood-burning stove can be placed directly on the ground in this tent, and the carpet has Velcro to roll it back and out of the way.

To fit the carpet around the central pole, I recommend undoing the Velcro. You'll find it easy to fit around the central pole.

The carpet has elasticated toggles so that it can attach to the tent.

Note that the carpet doesn't go entirely to the tent's sides.

The Robens Settler Field tent carpet

The Robens Settler Field tent carpet is the Robens Klondike tent carpet.

Living with the Tent

I found this tent very practical. However, it isn't for a large family.

For that, you would be better with the Robens Settler Sky.

Depending on if you are using camp beds or sleeping mats will determine how much space you have, since the tent has sloping sides.

There is plenty of head height towards the centre of the tent.

The tent's ventilation was excellent when camping on a hot day, and the polycotton tent fabric's insulating nature was very noticeable.

The blinds on the windows worked well, and the door proved very practical, and with a no-trip entrance.

We also have the original version of the Robens Kiowa Tent. We found that the design improvements on the new Robens Settler Field made things a lot easier, especially when fitting the flue pipe for the Robens Denali Stove.

This tent is excellent.

This tent is excellent.

If it works for your family, it is well worth considering.

It gets the thumbs up from us. 👍


This tent looks gorgeous at night, too!


AttributeRobens Settler Field
Best Price£1,073.69
Product InfoBrand Web Page
Height (cm)229
Width (cm)400
Length (cm)370
Weight (kg)20
Pack Size (cm)87 x 31
Height (cm)229
Length (cm)370
Width (cm)400
Tent Details
Recommended Tent UseIdeal for Weekend Camping, Ideal for Longer Stays
SleepsSleeps 6
BedroomsNo bedrooms; optional extra inner tent
Frame TypeRigid, steel or alloy poles
Tent AccessoriesTent Carpet, Tent Footprint
Tent Construction
Flysheet FabricRobens HydroTex® Polycotton
Fly Hydrostatic HeadNot Applicable
Taped SeamsNot Applicable
Groundsheet Hydrostatic Head (mm)Not Applicable (PE Fully Waterproof)
Fire Retardant FabricYes
Wind Rating12 (Hurricane: >72mph/118kph)
Tent Windows
Window BlindsYes, zip up
Tinted WindowsYes
Tent Doors
Additional Tent DoorsNo
No Trip EntranceYes, at main door
Rain-Safe EntryNo
Bug-Free MeshMain door only
Door converts to sunshadeNo
Tent Bedrooms
Tent Living Space
Pitching and Storage
Weight (kg)20
PackSize (cm)87 x 31
Colour-coded Tent PegsNo
Colour-coded Tent PolesNot Required
Guy Line StorageYes
People to Pitch2 People
Pump IncludedNot Applicable
Wheeled Tent BagNo, not required