Tent lit up with the Outwell ONS Nightlight System

Light up your tent, with the Outwell ONS

Outwell Night Light System

The Outwell Nightlight System (ONS) plugs into certain tents within the Outwell range to provide a built-in, remotely controlled lighting solution.

Review Score

The first version of the Outwell ONS doesn't get the thumbs up. I'm hoping the next version will nail it. I wouldn't buy a tent specifically to use the ONS. However, if my tent did have it, and I could afford the accessory, then it's still worth getting.

Our Score: 4.6/10

Value for MoneyFeaturesFamily FriendlyQualityPracticality

The good

  • Using the remote, an easy way to find your tent on a dark and crowded campsite
  • Provides a warm background light in your tent (not a main light, but a nightlight/decorative light)
  • If you have the remote to hand, quick to turn on if you need it at night.

The not so good

  • I found the battery life could be longer
  • Attaching to the tent with the Allen key not ideal
  • Cannot run off mains power

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

Price Guide

Outwell Night Light System has a recommended retail price of £95.99.

The best price we've found so far is £73.49. That's £22.50 off the RRP of £95.99.

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Tent lit up with the Outwell ONS Nightlight System

The Outwell ONS - Outwell Nightlight System

The Outwell ONS light in the tent porch

The Outwell ONS light in the tent porch

Our Review

What is the Outwell ONS?

I first saw the Outwell Nightlight System (also called Outwell ONS) back at the 2023 season launch.

We entered a darkened room and stepped inside a tent, not knowing what was coming next.

And then click and the tent was lit up with this amazing light strip, built right into the tent, a bit like high-end kitchens have light strips built in.

It was amazing.

It is also very clever.

The Outwell tents have translucent piping around each beam. This is where you can clip on accessories using the Outwell HookTrack system.

What Outwell had done was connect a rechargeable light to the piping. Ingenious.

A section inside the tent before the bedrooms were lit, as was a small section of piping by the main door, helping you see your tent at night. Take the remote with you, and click it to turn the light on, a bit like a remote on a car when trying to find your car in a busy car park at night.

That's a lot of great ideas, all in one package. It felt like the Outwell Quick and Quiet Doors innovation again.

It also won a Camping award. (You can read the Camping Magazine review here)

The outwell ONS with the Camping Award

The Outwell Nightlight System is a 2023 Camping Awards Winner.

So, lots of great things. But what is it like in practice...

Outwell ONS Hands-On Review

Naturally, I requested a press sample to test with our review tent, and luckily, Outwell agreed, so I got my hands on the Outwell ONS.

If you have a new tent compatible with Outwell ONS, purchase it as an additional accessory.

It comes in a box with two rechargeable light units and a remote control.

The Outwell Night Light System in its box

The Outwell Night Light System in its box

Recharging is simply by USB cable, so there is no need for an additional power adapter in your camping kit. 👍

However, this is where I found the first problem.


The charging socket on the new light unit was very tight, and when pulling the cable out, it was stronger than the mechanism attaching that part to the rest of the light unit.

And, it came apart.

The Broken Outwell ONS

The charging part had come separated from the battery part. It is easy to clip back together, and a bit of superglue should keep it in place.

It was not something I was expecting from Outwell (and Outwell was very shocked, too, and launched an investigation with their manufacturer).

Of course, if this were to happen to you, UK consumer law means you can take it back to the retailer for a replacement or refund. 👍

As this is a sample product, that's not an option open to me. Fortunately, if you align the electrical connector pins, they will return together. A bit of super glue should permanently fix the problem.

Surprisingly, this was the second Outwell fault I had this season. (See this video for fixing the Outwell Magante kitchen unit).

Lighting up your Tent

The Outwell Night Light System does provide light. But as the name suggests, it's more of a Night Light.

Just enough to see at night, but you'd still want to hang some other lights in your tent.

The Outwell Night Light System (ONS) inside the tent

The Outwell Night Light System (ONS) inside the tent

With the other lights on, the Outwell Night Light System adds a soft glow and improves the interior.

However, it's more of a decorative light in that scenario.

Using it as a Night Light

Of course, if you have young kids, you could leave it on as a night light.

However, here's where I found a problem. The charge didn't last all night.

During the height of summer, when the hours of darkness are at a minimum, this shouldn't be a problem. But it does mean you need to recharge it every day.

You control the Outwell ONS with a remote

You control the Outwell Nightlight System with a remote control. This includes the ability to dim the lights.


The other thing I disliked was the small Allen key needed to tighten the light unit to the piping.

Attaching the Outwell ONS with the allen key

Keep the Allen key safe as it's needed to secure the light unit to the tent. However, I found in practice, that it can attach without tightening.

This is something easily lost in a tent and camping kit.

However, I did find that tightening wasn't necessary.


Knowing the Outwell product designers, they will have been camping with their families and found the same issues.

I expect they already have the next version in the pipeline.

However, if Outwell does get to read this, here's my list of improvements.

  • Do away with the Allen Key. Find a toolless way to attach it to the tent.
  • Increase battery life.
  • Provide the option for the unit to run on mains power in the tent.
  • Make it easy to turn on without the remote.
  • And this one may be difficult, but could there be more of it around the main door, and for that to shine inside and outside the tent?
The Outwell ONS light in the tent porch

The Outwell ONS light in the tent porch


AttributeOutwell Night Light System
Best Price£73.49
Product InfoBrand Web Page
Weight (kg)0.52
Pack Size (cm)3.2 x 6.4 x 15
Year Introduced2023