Camping table under a shelter in front of a tent

Outwell Accessories for 2024

Awesome new Outwell Camping Accessories for 2024

Posted by Gav Grayston.
First Published May 2024; updated May 2024.

Here's a video roundup of some fantastic new camping accessories.

Watch the video below.

If you want to see a specific item, click on the chapters in the video or click a link below the video.

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00:00 Intro

00:50 New tableware and kitchenware

01:33 New Outwell Gala Dinner set

02:08 Outwell Taster Vacuum Mug

02:28 Updated knives (they look gorgeous!)

02:59 Outwell Delight Dinner Set (double-coated soft-touch enamel)

03:37 New chairs and loungers

03:44 New Lomond, Derwent, and Keilder camping chairs

04:13 Outwell Torch Lake Lounger (and Yellowstone Lake)

05:05 New camping tables

05:11 Kamloops Table

05:18 Outwell Pemberton Picnic Set (table and benches)

05:29 Outwell Coledale Table

05:33 Outwell Hazelton Coffee Table

05:40 Outwell Brim Coffee Table

05:47 Outwell Redwood Table/Stool/Footrest

05:55 Outwell Magante Kitchen Unit

06:04 Outwell Drayton, Outwell Andros, and Outwell Paros kitchen tables

06:32 Sleeping mats and bags

06:35 Outwell Convertible Junior Sleeping Bag

06:43 Outwell Campion Duvet

06:58 Outwell Celestial Lux Double

07:31 Outwell Dreamboat Sleeping Mats for Cars and Campervans

08:10 Lighting

08:33 New Outwell Canopy Tarp

10:52 Shelters

11:24 Outwell Lounge Shelter with Sleeping Pod

12:18 Outwell Lounge Shelter connected to a tent

13:00 Outwell Parton Windscreen

13:08 Outwell Camper Picnic Rug (machine washable)

13:19 Outwell Formby Beach Shelter

13:50 Outwell Seahaven 'Comfort Station' (camping toilet tent!)

14:10 New Outwell Ryde Storage (great design!)

14:26 Pegs and Repair Patches