Vango Family Shelter Tarp

Vango Family Shelter - A huge tarp shelter for your tent

Vango Family Shelter

The Vango Family Shelter is a huge tarp that you can put over the front of your tent to protect help shelter your family from the rain and still enjoy the outdoors.

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Our Score: 9.5/10

PracticalityFamily Friendly

The good

  • A large shelter to protect your family from the rain.
  • Only requires a single tarp pole, which is supplied.
  • Small and lightweight when packed.

The not so good

Price Guide

Vango Family Shelter has a recommended retail price of £100.00.

The best price we've found so far is £80.00. That's £20.00 off the RRP of £100.00.

Vango Family Shelter Photos

Vango Family Shelter Tarp

Vango Family Shelter Tarp

Family Shelter Dimensions

Family Shelter Dimensions

family-shelter covering the

family-shelter covering the tent

dry seating area under the family shelter

dry seating area under the family shelter

Our Review

I have discussed before about the usefulness of having a camping tarp in your kit, and have these video instructions on how to put up a tarp.

Well, being a bit if a tarp fan, I was really impressed when I saw this Vango Family Shelter. It's basically one large tarp that you put over the front of your tent.

family-shelter covering the

There's plenty of space to shelter under here!

Family Shelter Dimensions

As you can see, this tarp covers a large area, including extra protection for your tent.

Now I've not got my hands on one yet to try it myself, but from the details and looks, it will be a really good addition to any family camping kit.

There's only one pole too, with the rest of the tarp structure supported by the tent.

It's a similar price to other tarp kits and includes the pole, for ease of use and looks, this is worth considering IMHO. It's certainly cheaper and more flexible than a tent awning. I see no reason why you couldn't pitch this over a side door of the tent if you prefer.

The pole is supplied and can be extended to a height of 220 cm.

The material is also fire retardant, so it makes a great shelter for cooking under.

dry seating area under the family shelter

Great for creating more outside living space when the weather isn't as cooperative!


AttributeVango Family Shelter
Best Price£80.00
Product InfoBrand Web Page
Year Introduced2019