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Go Ape Tree Top Junior Review - Family Fun in the Trees

Posted by Gav Grayston.
First Published Mar 2014; updated May 2023.

We had an excellent time at Go Ape's Tree Top Junior adventure. Don't be fooled by the Junior bit. This is a high ropes course but designed for kids. Give it a go. It's a great family activity.

If you've been looking for a good high ropes course for your kids, Go Ape's Tree Top Junior doesn't disappoint...

Walking up high at Go Ape's Tree Top Junior

Walking up high at Go Ape's Tree Top Junior

This is a review of the Go Ape Tree Top Junior. For information on the full Tree Top Adventure, read our Family Guide to Go Ape.

We went along to Go Ape in Cannock Chase and gave their Tree Top Junior course a try.

Now we've done the full Tree Top Adventure before (click here to see), but there are height and age restrictions, which meant only our eldest could do it.

we recommended you give Tree Top Junior a go

With the Tree Top Junior ropes course, smaller children can enjoy a tree-top adventure with a course designed with kids in mind.

This is fantastic fun and something we recommend you give it a go. Watch our video below to get an idea of what Tree Top Junior is like.

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How High is the Tree Top Junior?

Up High at the Tree Top Juniors

Walking among the trees on Tree Top Junior

As you can see from the video above, the Tree Top Junior course is not as high as the full Tree Top Adventure, but it is still up in the trees. This is something we noticed as soon as we arrived. Although it's called a 'Junior' course, it is still a proper high ropes course and not just an adventure playground.

I think the height of the course varied a little bit, but it must have been around 15 feet up.

What about Safety?

All harnessed up at Go Ape

Kitted out with safety harness

Although you're up in the trees, you feel very safe on the Tree Top Junior course, especially with the harness and safety line that Go Ape has fitted.

On the main Go Ape Tree Top Adventure, you are responsible for clipping onto the safety line and the 'trolley' for the zip wire - and of course, making sure your children are clipped on properly too.

you actually feel very safe

With the Go Ape Tree Top Junior course, your harness is attached to a 'trolley' which rides on the safety line all around the course. This means there is no unclipping and re-clipping onto the safety line. You are attached at all times.

This is a great feature and means if your child is 6 or over, they could go around the course themselves.

What if my child gets scared?

Well, we found the Go Ape team excellent.

Our eldest kids have done a lot of climbing and weren't phased by the course, but it was the first time our youngest, who's only 5, had done anything.

Go Ape - Beam Balancing

Our 5-year-old balancing on a beam

He loved it but got stuck when it came to the beam, a log that spans two trees you must cross. However, one of the Go Ape team told him the best way to cross, and he walked straight across.

You could see his confidence grow (he was going around the course a lot quicker than Mum!)

You could see the confidence grow in him

He then got to the zip wire, where he had to jump off the platform - which is very high for a 5-year-old.

Once again, the Go Ape team (and there's always someone at the zip wire) were there to help. They gave him some words of encouragement, and he was off. And again. And Again....and again.

We saw another kid get scared whilst we were there, but there was no pressure from the Go Ape team. If someone doesn't want to do something, the team can get them safely off the course.

It's great at the end of the session to see a big smile on your kid's face

The course is in different sections, with the first being slightly easier than the next. You can do that first section a couple of times to build your child's confidence before progressing onto the next level.

At the end of the session, it's great to see a big smile on your kid's face and know that their confidence has increased by accomplishing it.

What age do you have to be for Tree Top Junior?

Go Ape - Taking a step on Tree Top Junior

Concentrating where to put his feet

To go around the course without an adult, a child must be aged 6 or over.

Younger children can go on with an adult but must be at least 1 metre tall.

As a parent, you can supervise from the ground (free) or pay to go on the course.

If your child is small, we recommend you go on the course with them, especially if they've not done anything like it. You can help steady some of the more wobbly crossings, which is something you can't do from the ground.

You can help steady some of the more wobbly crossings

And the course is still enjoyable as an adult, so get up there and have fun with your kids.

Tree Top Junior Birthday Party?

If you are doing a Birthday Party for a small group of friends, we think a Go Ape Tree Top Junior would be a great activity.

You will need one adult for every 6 children. Again, if they are old and big enough, this can be done from the ground, but you may want to go up with them for extra support and encouragement.

Tree Top Junior FAQs

  • You must allow at least an hour to complete the course.
  • Long hair should be tied up.
  • Gloves can sometimes be useful.
  • Wear clothes that you don't mind getting mucky and wear appropriately for the weather.
  • Don't wear shoes like flip-flops.
  • Arrive before your booked slot and go to the cabin to sign in. An adult has to sign for the children.
  • If something comes up and you can't make your session, notify Go Ape at least 48 hours before, and you will be refunded.

Click here for more FAQs on the Go Ape website.

We thoroughly enjoyed Go Ape Tree Top Junior and recommend it as a great family activity.



We thoroughly enjoyed Go Ape Tree Top Junior and recommend it as a great family activity.

Click the link below to book a Tree Top Junior session at Go Ape.  Select Tree Top Junior on their booking form, and it will show you all the locations that have the course....and more Tree Top Juniors are being built all the time, so if there isn't currently one in your area, remember to come back and check in a month or two's time.

Click here to book a Tree Top Junior adventureClick to see our guide to the full Tree Top Adventure

*Disclaimer: *Thank's to the guys and gals at Go Ape for hosting us on the Tree Top Junior course. It was great fun.

All opinions are our own.