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Lazy Summer Days in the Havana Hammock


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We have a look at the Easy Camp Havana Double Hammock. Is it a good family sized hammock?

For me, hammocks immediately bring up thoughts of chilling on warm summer days, gently swinging beneath the trees,  listening to the summer breeze and the birdsong.

Unfortunately for me, reality is a little different 🙁

I’d never get a chance to get in a hammock for some peace without at least one of the kids wanting to climb aboard 😉

However, when I saw the Havana Double Hammock from Easy Camp, I just had to ask them if I could review a sample. Could this be a family sized hammock?

A right lazy pair

Easy Camp Havana Double Hammock Review

Havana Hammock in Carry BagThe Havana Hammock arrived in a matching brightly coloured carry case.

We do own a traditional webbed hammock that we bought in Mexico a long time ago. However, when getting that hammock out of the bag, it does tend to get in a tangled mess.

Not so with the Havana Hammock, as it is fabric based with only a small amount of webbing.

Hammock layed out on groundThe hammock is a really good size. We’ve had two adults in it with no problem.

Putting up the Hammock

Hammock webbing

At each end of the hammock is a hefty sized loop. However, the hammock doesn’t come with anything to tie it to. You’ll need to find that yourself.

Fortunately, we had plenty of rope to secure the hammock in our garden.

If you don’t fancy getting yourself in a knot with ropes, I found this on Amazon that may be useful (though you’ll need to buy two of them as they don’t come as a pair), or this one, which looks a bit stronger.

Options for Securing a Hammock

Amazonas Smartrope

Songmics Hammock Tree Straps

NatureFun Hammock Tree Straps

What if there are no trees?

We don’t have trees in our garden to hang a hammock from, so we made use of some sturdy fence posts.

However, if you want to take the Havana Hammock camping, you may not have trees at the campsite either.

Kinlo Patio Hammock Stand

An option is to get a hammock stand.

This is something I looked into as I really wanted to take this hammock when we went camping.

The problems I found are:

  • There are not many stands sold without hammocks. The hammocks that are sold with stands tend to be just single hammocks, and not the larger family-friendly double size, like the Havana.
  • Many are fixed and not portable without reassembly, making them not very practical to take camping.
  • A lot of them are quite expensive.

I did find this portable hammock stand from Handy Hammock but it’s outside my budget, and a search on e-bay didn’t find anything either.

So for now, we’ll have to use the Havana Hammock in the garden unless we know we are going to a campsite with sufficient trees.


Getting in the Hammock

Getting in a hammock for the first time is always guaranteed a few laughs.

The technique is quite easy. Simply plant your backside in the middle of the hammock, then swing your legs and body around.

Though, place the hammock over soft ground, just in case 😉

Summer lazing in the hammock


We really like the Havana Hammock. The only problem we’ve had is finding suitable places to hang it.

My ask of Easy Camp is to develop a portable folding hammock stand that can be used alongside their range of hammocks, which would make it easier to enjoy this hammock more.

Thanks, Credits, and Disclaimers: We would like to thank Easy Camp for supplying us with a Havana Double Hammock so that we can conduct this review. 

Photos of hammock stands and attachments c/o Amazon.co.uk. All other photos are our own.
All opinions are our own.

9Expert Score
The Havana Hammock is a good enough size for two, or just have it all to yourself ;-)
Value for Money
  • The Havana Double Hammock is a good size and perfect for being lazy on those warm summer days.
  • You need to get some straps to secure the hammock and find somewhere to hang it.

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Lazy Summer Days in the Havana Hammock
Lazy Summer Days in the Havana Hammock
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