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Luxury Camping Chairs Comparison

Posted by Gav Grayston.
First Published Aug 2021; updated Jun 2023.

We look at three luxury camping chairs from Outwell.

Earlier this year, in Outwell's 2021 season video I created, I tried some really comfortable camping chairs.

Fortunately, Outwell agreed to send us some review samples to show you them in more detail.

The Chairs

There are three chairs we are looking at, plus the leg rest accessory.

They are the:

  • Outwell Acadia
  • Outwell Yellowstone Lake
  • Outwell Tally Lake
  • Plus, the Outwell Trinity Lake leg rest for the above two chairs
The three camping chairs

Comparing three luxury camping chairs. The closest is the Outwell Tally Lake, in the middle is the Outwell Yellowstone Lake with the Outwell Trinity Lake footrest, and at the far end is the Outwell Acadia.

Outwell Acadia chair

First off, let's look at the Outwell Acadia, the most expensive of the three chairs (£154.99 at the time of writing, from the Outwell website).

The Outwell Acadia chair in the upright position

The Outwell Acadia is a recliner. It's very comfortable, and the most expensive in this test.

As you can see, this is a fully reclining lounger.

It has an adjustable headrest and a small table and drinks holder that stays level as you recline.

Comfort is very subjective, but I found the Outwell Acadia very comfortable.

The chair has a padded mesh secured to the frame through many bungee cords.

This means that it adapts to the shape of your body and suspends you, floating in the air.

The mesh also means the fabric dries quickly if left out in a rain shower.

To recline the chair, you lift the arms.

There is also a locking mechanism under each arm to fix the chair in the position you want so it doesn't recline unexpectedly.

The chair doesn't look that comfortable in the fully reclined position. But actually, I found it extremely comfortable, even if it does look like your legs are up in the air.

As it isn't flat like a sunbed, you are reclined in a natural position, and it's effortless to doze off in 🙂

The chair recylined

The Outwell Acadia looks a little extreme when fully reclined. However, we found it extremely comfortable. Also, notice how the table and drink holder stays level, regardless how far you recline the chair.

I found this the most comfortable chair out of the three, but being the most expensive, that's what we should expect.

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides.

When it is folded, it is still substantial (69 x 21 x 100 cm). Unless you have lots of transport space, this will be a problem when taking to the campsite. Perhaps not a problem if you have a large motorhome with garage space.

Also, unlike the other chairs in this test, it doesn't come with an Outwell carry case, so you'll want to put it where it can remain clean when you are transporting it.

The good

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Reclines (and locks into place)
  • Drinks holder and table (which stays level when you recline)
  • Fast-drying material
  • Adjustable headrest to fit smaller or taller people
  • Supports legs when reclined.

The not so good

  • More difficult to transport and doesn't fold down small
  • No storage or transport bag

Outwell Yellowstone Lake Chair

This is the next expensive chair in the test, though considerably cheaper than the Outwell Acadia (£88 from the Outwell website at the time of writing).

Front view of the Yellowstone Lake

Here the Outwell Yellowstone Lake chair is in the upright position.

As you can see, this is a very different design from the Outwell Acadia.

Instead of the mesh, the Outwell Yellowstone Lake chair has a padded fabric cover. It does have one thing in common with the Outwell Acadia, though: if you lift the arms, it also reclines 🙂

It doesn't recline quite as far as the Outwell Acadia, but it isn't far off.

Of course, the Outwell Acadia supports your legs when you recline, whereas the Outwell Yellowstone Lake doesn't. However, you can pair the Outwell Yellowstone Lake with the Outwell Trinity Lake leg rest (more on that soon).

A view of the camping chair

The Outwell Yellow Stone Lake is padded and reclines. It folds up smaller than the large Outwell Acadia recliner.

Comfort-wise, I again found this very comfortable.

I think the Outwell Acadia might be slightly more comfortable.

The rest of the family agreed there was too much between the two chairs when paired with the Outwell Trinity Lake.

The Outwell Yellowstone Lake's massive advantage over the more expensive Outwell Acadia chair is that the Outwell Yellowstone Lake folds down to a small pack size (26 x 19 x 92 cm).

Plus, it has a bag to keep it clean and make it easy to transport.

This makes the Outwell Yellowstone Lake more practical for family camping and picnics, and days out, as it isn't too heavy to walk with the bag over your shoulder (6.2 kg).

Dog sleeping in the chair

This Outwell Yellowstone Lake got someone's approval.

One thing missing from this chair, which would have been a nice addition, is a drinks holder.

The good

  • Very comfortable
  • Reclines (but you need the Outwell Trinity Lake to support your legs)
  • Small pack size
  • Storage and transport bag

The not so good

  • No drinks holder
  • You need the Outwell Trinity Lake to recline with your legs up.

The Outwell Tally Lake Chair

The final chair in the mix is the Outwell Tally Lake (£73.99 from the Outwell website at the time of writing).

The Outwell Tally Lake

The Outwell Tally Lake, the cheapest in this test, doesn't recline. However, it is already a partially reclined bucket seat. And padded, as you can see.

As you can see, this is from the same family chairs as the Outwell Yellowstone Lake, with its padded fabric cover.

The Outwell Tally Lake doesn't recline and doesn't have arms.

Instead, it is a bucket set that has a slight recline.

And once again, it's a very comfortable chair.

Some of our family voted this chair the most comfortable of the three.

Recline comparison

Here you can see the recline of all three chairs.

The recline in the chair worked well, but I'm not that tall (5' 8"). If you are taller, you may find that the chair's back doesn't support your head unless you slouch down, which is not so great for your back.

Again, this wins over the Outwell Acadia in pack size, folding down small (23 x 23 x 86 cm) and comes with another bag to keep it clean and easy to carry, being the lightest of the three chairs (4.9 kg).

As with the Outwell Yellowstone Lake, it doesn't have a drinks holder.

The good

  • Very comfortable
  • Small pack size
  • Storage and transport bag

The not so good

  • It may not support your head if you are tall
  • No drinks holder

Outwell Trinity Lake Foot Rest

This is not a chair but an accessory to the range of chairs from which the Outwell Yellowstone Lake and Tally Lake come.

The Outwell Trinity Lake

The Outwell Trinity Lake is a padded footrest that works with all the padded Relax chairs. We found it ideal for reclining or putting your feet up.

It's a leg rest. Not an essential bit of camping kit, but if you are investing in any of the above 'Lake' chairs, then the Outwell Trinity Lake is worth considering (£43 from the Outwell website at the time of writing), as it really does make things more comfortable at the campsite. 🙂

The pack size for the Outwell Trinity Lake is small (10 x 13 x 65 cm), and it, too, comes with a bag for better storage and transport.