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First Camp in the Coleman Castle Pines 4L Tent

Posted by Gav Grayston.
First Published May 2021; updated Jun 2023.

With the campsites now fully open, we take a long weekend camping with the new Coleman Castle Pines 4L tent. Watch our video here.

We've just come back from a wet and stormy long weekend testing out the new Coleman Castle Pines 4L Tent.

You might have seen our post the other week on Coleman's excellent new range of tents. Coleman asked which we would like to review, and I picked this tent as I think you get an excellent amount of features for the price. So, thank you, Coleman, for sending us over this review sample.

As you can see from our video above, this tent does not disappoint.

Pitching the Tent

The tent's bag ready for pitching under a stormy sky.

Had to pitch fast. Strong winds with heavy rain on the way.

I pitched it single-handed, which took just over 20 minutes from opening the bag to getting the basic shelter up. Pegging out all the guy lines and getting the tent finished took about an hour. However, as you can see in the video, I stopped pitching to show the inside of the tent during that hour. It will be much quicker with two people pitching the tent and not having to take breaks from the rain 😉

Pegging out the Coleman Castle Pines 4L Tent

Pegging out the Guy Lines on the Coleman Castle Pines 4L

Excellent Features

The porch worked really well on a wet and windy weekend, providing plenty of much needed shelter.

The tent stayed stable and dry, despite the torrential rain and wind.

The tent is pitched at the campsite

The first pitch of the Coleman Castle Pines 4L

The Coleman BlackOut bedrooms work really well. Some faint light comes through the green zip, making it glow green like an LED strip - which my lad and I thought was quite cool.

The large vent behind the tent, vents into the bedrooms, and high and low vents in the living space meant that there were no condensation issues.

In addition, we were on an electric hook-up and so had a kettle in the tent. This didn't cause any condensation issues either, which shows how well the tent's ventilation is working.

Talking of living space, this was a good size, with plenty of space for furniture and chairs.

As you can see from our video, this makes a good sized tent for family holidays, but not too big and bulky for weekend camping.


This is a really great tent, and happy to recommend it and give it the Thumbs Up Award.

Thumbs Up

Filmed at By The Wood Campsite.