Junior Stomp Rocket

Blast Off! Stomp Rocket Review - They're Great Fun

Stomp Rocket

The Stomp Rocket is a great little rocket that's ideal for small children. Good addition for camping, picnics, or just going down the park. Watch our video.

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Junior Stomp Rocket

Junior Stomp Rocket

Our Review

The simple little Stomp Rocket is great fun.

Stomp Rocket - Great Fun

We bought one of these little rocket sets for our youngest.

The rockets shoot off surprisingly well and are easy to use, even by our four-year-old!

Are they safe?

If you ever tried making a rocket out of an old plastic bottle and a foot pump then you'll be relieved to learn that these are a lot safer (and just as fun).

You can use them indoors (if you are brave), but a they're a great addition to camping or a picnic, where you have a big open space. Not so good for the back garden, unless you like visiting your neighbours a lot!

Be careful on firing the rocket on breezy days as you'll spend a lot of time fetching the rocket, and make sure that no one is standing over the rocket when it launches! (Though the rockets are a foam-like material, not hard).

A great addition to camping

We took the Stomp Rocket with us when we went camping, so we had lots of space to play, as shown in the video below.

This is a great activity the kids can do while you finish setting up camp. It's easy to use and gives them a bit of exercise.

Stomp Rocket Video

Here's the video we made.

As you can see, the stomp rocket was great fun.

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If you want to buy one of these amazing little rockets, they are available on Amazon.  They don't cost much, and you can also buy replacement rockets if yours get lost.


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