Regatta Crossland Kids Walking Shoe - this one in the colour for boys

Regatta Crossland

Kids Walking Shoes - Regatta Crossland

The Regatta Crossland are kids walking shoes that come in both a girl and boy version that won't break the bank.

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Regatta Crossland Kids Walking Shoe - this one in the colour for boys

Regatta Crossland Kids Walking Shoe - this one in the colour for boys

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The Regatta Crossland is an update to the model that our kids have used for a few years (hand-me-down from one to another).

Regatta is at the cheaper end of the market, and we have had some adult walking shoes wear out rather quickly, but we've thoroughly tested both Regatta children's walking shoes and walking boots, and they've lasted very well. Kids feet grow so fast that they don't need to last quite as long as an adult pair of boots, where you might invest a bit more money but expect the boots to last many years.

Regatta Crossland Kids Walking Shoe - this one in the colour for boys

The Regatta Crossland walking shoes for kids come in two different colours, so there's something for both girls and boys.

They come in sizes from 1 to 13 (children's sizes of course).

What's good about these walking shoes

As this doesn't have a full height ankle support, most kids will find these shoes more comfortable than a full walking boot, as well as being lighter.

The shoes have an Isotex water-resistant membrane, which is also breathable to help reduce this risk of sweaty feet.

They also include a rubberised toe and heel bumper, protecting the shoe from scuffs but also providing a bit of grip if they're doing any scrambling over rocks.

If you notice on the picture above, the laces pull the supports that go around the foot. This ensures a good fit, which is what you want in a walking shoe.

The sole includes some cushioning to provide a more comfortable fit, which you won't get with trainers when walking over stoney or rough ground.

Entry level walking shoe for kids

Boys Crossland walking shoe

Boys Crossland walking shoe

Kids feet keep growing, and so buying new walking shoes and walking boots can get expensive.

We end up buying new walking shoes or boots for our kids each year, so to make pennies stretch we have bought many Regatta walking shoes. For us, these have lasted well, but I notice this Crossland walking shoe has some features that look more like a trainer construction.

I would, therefore, grade these shoes as a budget option that looks fine for summer hikes on not too difficult terrain.

If you are doing some walks with the kids that are a bit more than that, then you might want to look at some other kids walking shoes that have a better sole that wraps up around the toe and heal a bit more, and has less breathable material so close to the ground (as this breathable material tends to be splash resistant but not fully waterproof, so you want it higher up the walking shoe to avoid feet getting wet from puddles).


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