Photo Credit: Leigh Blackall

Gorge Walking. Photo Credit: Leigh Blackall

Gorge Walking

Posted by Lucy G.
First Published Sept 2013; updated May 2023.

One of our kids recently went Gorge Walking whilst staying at an adventure activity centre in Wales. Here's her description of what Gorge Walking is like.

Gorge walking (or Canyoning if you're from the US) is a different way to explore the countryside. One of our daughters recently gave it a try. Here's what she had to say...

Gorge Walking

Gorge Walking. Photo Credit: Leigh Blackall

In May 2013 I visited Arthog (an outdoor adventure centre in Wales) with my school. We did a range of activities from rock climbing, to raft building, but favourite of them all was Gorge walking...

Gorge walking is a very fun, wet, energy-consuming, activity.

Firstly you get given a waterproof jacket and trousers along with a pair of wellies and a helmet for safety reasons as it is very rocky.

Once you are kitted up, your instructor will try to find a suitable place to start, which is not to steep. As soon as everyone's in the water you will start your journey into the gorge!

You will always start in a relatively gentle area whilst learning some basic techniques to help you to have your fun adventure on the gorges.

you will come across huge water falls that you have to scramble up

In the gorges you will come across huge water falls that you have to scramble up. Once the first one is over and you've had a go at using the simple techniques it become a lot easier.

There are various challenges such as climbing up a very wet and slippery waterfall or scrambling up some rocks whilst you're in a big cold pool of water.

These simple challenges are great for getting to know and building trust with people, as well as creating self belief and a sense of achievement.  For example, you may not want to scramble up a particularly high and slippery rock, but you have a great sense of achievement when you have done it!

going down the slides at the end are by far the funniest

In my opinion, going down the slides at the end are by far the funniest.  Your instructor will decided on a suitable safe area as you wouldn't want to land on any rocks, then you end up sliding down a mini water fall and end up usually in a freezing pool of water.

These slides aren't anything like what you go on at water parks, they are completely natural and if anything more fun.

Overall I found gorge walking extremely fun. It's an interesting way of getting down a gorge.  It is also suitable for most adults and children of any age, just so long they don't mind getting a bit wet!

I loved gorge walking and I would love to do it again soon!

Photo Credit: Leigh Blackall