The Family Camping Planner

How to get organised with the Family Camping Planner

Posted by Gav Grayston.
First Published May 2017; updated May 2023.

If you like to get things organised, especially if you haven't been camping before, you might like to use our family camping planner.

We wanted to go beyond the normal 'camping checklist' and put something together to help you organise a great family camping trip.

You'll find several lists when you download and print the Family Camping Planner. Let's take a quick look.

What to Take - The Packing List

Any good camping checklist needs a packing list.

Camping Packing Checklist

Camping Packing Checklist

For short camping trips, you might not need to take all this, and there are sections you can skip, such as if you are not using an Electric Hook-Up.

We've also included a list of items you may need for a campfire.

The blank lines are for you to add your items to the lists.


If you are not sure about using a tarp shelter, then view this guide on what they are, how they help, and how to use them.

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If you have never used an electric hook-up but are thinking about it, then read this guide to using EHU.

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Not sure how to set up a camp kitchen? Then read this guide.

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Not sure what sleeping bags are appropriate for the season you are camping in? Then read this guide.

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If you haven't used a gas bottle with your camping stove before, then read this guide.

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Thinking of taking a heater for your tent? Then read this guide to tent heaters.

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Don't forget the kids!

Check list of the kids stuff

Kids get their own page, with plenty of space for you to customise.

Help and Tips: Kid's Camping Trip Ideas

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What to Eat

Camp food checklist

A family always needs feeding! This sheet should help you plan out your family camping meals.

In the left column, write out the recipe, and then in the column next to it, right out the food items you need to take the campsite.

You use the final column to write out any items you don't have and need to go on the shopping list.

Family Camping Recipes

Trips and Wet Day Planning

The Visit Planner

Use this sheet to pre-plan places you might want to visit.

Make sure you research places that might be a useful visit for a rainy day.


When you find a campsite on Get Out With The Kids, you'll see things to do nearby.

This includes places to visit and routes to walk or cycle.  These are shown on the map and indicate how far they are away from the campsite.