Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Download and print this drawing scavenger hunt

Download: Alphabet Scavenger Hunt Draw

Posted by Gav Grayston.
First Published Jul 2015; updated May 2023.

Download this activity sheet to keep the kids busy. Ideal for camping, hiking, car or plane journeys, etc.

Here's a simple little activity we put together: Alphabet-Scavenger-Hunt-Draw. needs a better name, but the concept is quite simple.

There are sheets of paper with boxes on, each labelled with letter from the alphabet.

Your child has to spot or find something, and draw a picture of it in the box under the alphabet letter.

Car Journeys, Camping, Hiking

The inspiration for this came from a post we saw by Lallymom in the US that was aimed at Roadtrip Vacations.

We've made this version for the UK, not necessarily for road trips. You can do this in the car, at the campsite, when hiking, etc.

A non-destructive scavenger hunt

You can also do a non-destructive scavenger hunt.

Instead of sending your child off to find something beginning with the letter 'B' and finding them dragging back a tree branch, with this you can send them off with a little drawing pad and pack of pencils, and get them to draw what they find.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt Draw


You can print these on UK A4 paper.