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6 Campfire Items to Get You Cooking

Posted by Gav Grayston.
First Published Aug 2016; updated May 2023.

Here are 6 items that we've been testing this year that you can use for a spot of campfire cooking.

Keeping the Kettle Warm

You might have seen some new cooking items on some of our pictures this year.

Well, we've been testing out a few campfire cooking items from Easy Camp and Robens.

Enamel Cookware

First up is the traditional enamel cookware from Easy Camp.

We've been using the Enamel Kettle, Frying Pan, and Pot.

Campfire Fry

These can be used over the campfire and perform as you would expect.

[elevated-comment]The enamel frying pan is not non-stick, and so will soon lose that blue shiny finish when you start using it. This is to be expected.

The pot has been a good size too for family cooking, taking up to 3 litres.

The kettle really looks the part hanging over the campfire. It isn't a whistling kettle, but you can tell when it's boiling.

The Long Handled Frying Pan

Campfire Beans

One the things we are quite keen to do is involve the kids with the cooking. However, fires and hot cooking items are not necessarily the safest of things for kids.

This is where the long handled campfire frying pan from Easy Camp works well, as the kids are kept a good distance from the campfire.

The frying pan part isn't that large, but we've found enough for the kids to cook in it 😉

Robens Campfire Pot

Campfire Pots in Action

Robens specialise in adventure camping and make a lot of great lightweight gear for use when trekking off into the wilderness. The problem is, not much of that is aimed at families.

Fortunately, their Campfire Pot is a massive 6L. A perfect size for family sized stews.

It is also very light for the size, weighing in at just 680g. And it comes with its own carry bag, which helps keep soot from campfires away from other things. And, it is non-stick. And, it's my favourite campfire pot now 🙂

Robens Telescopic Aluminium Tripod

Robens Tripod Packed
Robens Tripod Chain

Weighing at just under 1 kg is the Robens Telescopic Tripod.

This folds down it a small pack size and is a breeze to put up. No fiddling around with screws at the campsite with this tripod.

It can easily take the weight of a fill Robens Campfire Pot.

It's by far my favourite tripod now 🙂

I might tweak the locking mechanism on the chain to make it a little safer around the kids.

Disclaimers, Thanks, and Credits: We would like to thank Robens and Easy Camp for supplying the requested items for this review. All photos and opinions are our own.