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Sticky Chocolate Bananas - Ideal for Campfires or BBQs

Posted by Gav Grayston.
First Published Aug 2013; updated May 2023.

Sticky chocolate bananas is an easy treat to cook over the campfire or BBQ, and ideal for family camping.

Sticky chocolate bananas is a classic and really easy to make.

Cooking the bananas

Sticky chocolate bananas are an easy campfire or BBQ pudding and are enjoyed by both kids and adults, even if you're not too keen on bananas.


What you need to create the chocolate sticky banans

All you need are bananas, chunks of chocolate (chocolate buttons work well too), and some foil.

Step 1 - Slice the Bananas

With a sharp knife, put a slot lengthways down each banana.

This doesn't need to run the full length of the banana.

Step 2 - Add the Chocolate

Put pieces of chocolate into the slot on each banana.

This is something that your kids can do.

Chocolate in the Banana

Insert the chocolate into the banana

Step 3 - Wrap and Cook

Wrap each banana in foil and cook on a BBQ grill, a grill over the campfire, or in the warm ashes of a campfire.

They don't take too long to cook. Just enough for the chocolate to melt and the banana to go gooey.

Step 4 - Eat and Enjoy

Don't try and peel the banana. Use a spoon and scoop the banana-chocolate goo about of the slot.... they're a lot nice than that sounds!

Sticky Chocolate Bananas