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March 8, 2012

We love our tent.  However, with a family full in the car and all the camping gear, doing a tour and moving from site to site could become more about making and breaking camp than actually being there.  So the thought of doing a long tour in a motor home is certainly something we’ve investigated.  Taking all our gear with us, with minimal setup when we’re there.

Now you can get some really big luxurious motorhomes.  I think these would be great for the longer road trip. But we’ve noticed problems that would make them unsuitable for our family adventures:

  • Seeing them pitch on camp is not that quick and easy.  They often have difficulty getting into the sort of places we like and are only really suited to the glorified car-park type of camp site.
  • If you’ve made camp and want to go and see local attractions, you have to pack everything up.
  • They’re too big for the many country lanes.
  • A lot of car parks have height restrictions, including supermarkets, so you can’t easily park up to restock supplies.

The solution may be the VW Camper Van!

We’ve camped many times alongside VW Camper Vans.  They come, quickly set up camp, and then if they want to pop down to the beach, up a hill, or to a park, they simply drive off with no hassle.

They’re also small and light enough to get into the more adventurous locations than their bigger modern ‘RV’ motorhomes.

And they have character.

Now you may be thinking ‘But they are small and slow’.

Correct.  They’re not the fastest.  But if you are touring, say travelling the A Roads on the West Coast of Scotland, taking time to slow down and absorb the view is what it’s all about.  And if you have your family in tow, you’d probably designed the route to break journeys up and not spend hours on the road anyway.

They are small.  That’s an advantage.  They are not too small for a family holiday though:

  • The vans usually come in 4 or 5 seat versions, so two adults and 3 kids should be OK.  Check with the hire company that the 2 or 3 seat bench in the back comes with seat belts suitable for fitting a child seat if you need it.
  • Look out for vans that convert into a double in the van, and a small double in the pop-up roof.  The roof bed is only for kids and usually has a combined weight limit of around 14 stone.
  • You can also hire awnings.  You can get awnings that are a sizeable tent, so you may find it easier to put a few blow up beds in there.
  • Remember, vans usually come with cooker and fridge as well.

VW Campervan Hire

There are a number of firms dedicated to VW Campervan hire throughout the UK.  Some provide fully restored classics, other provide new ones.  Yes new ones.  They are still being manufactured in South America.

Here are a few places on the web that provide VW Campervan hire.

Happy Campers – Based in Worcestershire, Happy Campers is an ideal location for exploring the Malverns, Central England, and Wales.They also provide a collection service, so you can go by train and then straight onto your adventure.
Manchester Campervans – Being based in Manchester provides easy access to the North West and North Wales: Lake District, Peak District, and Snowdonia.
Lakes Camper Hire – Explore the Lake District in style with these classic vans.
Katy’s Campers – Located in Bristol you have easy access to South West England and South Wales.
Groovy Campers – Explore the flatter lands of Norfolk and Suffolk with Groovy Campers.
Comfy Campers – Located in Gloucestershire, Comfy Campers is a good base for the South West, Wales, and Central England.
Happy Highland Campers – Located in Inverness, Happy Highland Campers is a good base for roaming the highlands. A bit of Nessie spotting even?
West Highland VW Campers – Roam the beautiful West Coast of Scotland.  Perhaps plan a tour staying only on islands?
Cornish Campers – Fancy being a Cornish surfer dude?
Lazy Days – Catch a ferry over to Ireland and tour the Emerald Isle with Lazy Days VW Camper hire.

If you’re planning your own camper tour, we have a list of great campsites.

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  1. Great advice. We toured Yorkshire with a classic VW van from YorkshireVWCamper http://www.yokshirevwcamper.co.uk jsut had the best time!

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