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The Robens Lodge Pro 3 is a great backpacking or bikepacking tent, with lots of features for the price.

For a backpacking or bikepacking tent, you want something small, lightweight, and easy to pitch, with enough room for you and your gear.

While the Robens Lodge Pro 3 is not the smallest and lightest tent you can get – as it is a 3-person tent after all – I really like it as it has some great features, it is a great size for taking a child on an adventure camp, and it still weighs in at just 4.2kg.

Tent Shape and Layout

The Robens Lodge Pro 3 uses a geodesic tent shape. This is where the tent poles arch over one another. This creates a more stable tent in the wind as the poles are re-enforced by another pole.

Tent Dimensions

Tent dimensions (Image credit: Robens)

You also have the option of having two openings. You can’t always get the perfect location to pitch, so this makes things a little more flexible.

Tent Layout

The tent officially sleeps three people. However, the less you have the more comfortable it will be, of course (Image credit: Robens)

But a big advantage of the two doors is that the Lodge Pro 3’s flysheet extends out, so you get two small porches that are ideal to store wet and muddy boots.

The covered area by the door

Looking out at the second door. Note how the fly creates an additional storage area. A great place to leave wet boots.

Additional Storage

When camping in small tents, storage space is a premium. There are a couple of great features in the Robens Lodge Pro 3 that helps with life in a small tent.

The first is a large storage mesh in the ceiling of the inner tent.  This is a great place to stow things out the way yet within reach. Ideal place for head torches, phone charging, etc.

Storage Mesh

The Robens Lodge Pro 3 also has a very useful storage mesh.

The second is a small hanging line.  Yes, you are not going to be able to put much weight on this, but it does make a great place to hang damp socks out to dry, which is something that’s extremely difficult to do normally in small tents – especially if it is wet outside.

Socks drying in the tent

The tent has a line that’s an ideal place to let damp socks dry (Image credit: Robens)

Other Features

The pack size is a reasonable 54 x 19 cm.  Remember that you can pack the alloy poles separately if you need to save space packing this tent on a bike or in a backpack.  Just don’t forget and leave the poles behind 😉

It also has a 5000 mm hydrostatic head on the rip-stop flysheet.

9.2Expert Score
The Robens Lodge Pro 3 is a great backpacking or bikepacking tent, with lots of features for the price.
Value for Money
  • Lots of features for a great price.
  • I really like the two porches. They are great for wet boots.
  • Additional storage with mesh shelf and hanging line.
  • Geodesic design for good stability.
  • It is a three-person tent, but we recommend this is better for two adults, or a parent taking a copy of kids on an adventure camp.

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