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Outwell Vigor 3 – 2019 Update – Hands on Review

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The Outwell Vigor 3 is a small tent with a lot of space. Ideal for taking one or two kids camping as a solo parent.

This year, I am doing some hands-on reviews of smaller tents; the tents ideal to throw in the back of your car when the weekend weather is good, for a spot of quick weekend camping.

One of the small tents I was impressed with last year was the new Outwell Vigor. Luckily, Outwell kindly agreed to send us a sample for a hands-on review. ๐Ÿ˜€

Pack Size

The problem with large family tents is that they are heavy and bulky to transport. This can make them difficult if you just want to get away quickly and perhaps you are only a single parent or just one parent is available to take the kids camping.

Fortunately, there is a range of smaller tents that the family can use for quick weekend camps.

Compared to a large family tent, the Outwell Vigor 3 pack size is enviably small.

Weighing just over 8kg and only 64 cm long and 21 cm wide, this is a perfect size for a spot of grab-n-go camping.

Outwell Vigor 3 packed in tent bag

The Outwell Vigor 3 pack size is just 64 x 21 cm and weighs only 8.4kg

Pitching the Outwell Vigor 3

When you first get the tent out of the bag, the flysheet and the inner tent are separate, which is how most small tents are. After the first time you pitch it, you could keep the inner tent connected to the flysheet if they are dry, saving you pitching time in the future.

Bag Contents

What’s in the bag when you get the Outwell Vigor 3

The Outwell Vigor 3 comes with a number of poles, both fibreglass and steel. However, you only need the fibreglass tent poles to pitch it.

Tent Poles

These are the poles that you get with the Vigor 3.

There are only three long tent poles needed to get this tent upright. There are two additional small fibreglass tent poles that you slot inside the tent. I guess they are to add more stability to the living area. However, they are an unusual inclusion in a tent, and I forgot they were there when taking the tent down.

Pitching the Vigor 3

Each of the poles is colour-coded so you get the correct pole in the right slot

The tent poles slide into colour-coded slots on the tent. You also clip the flysheet to the poles.

This last step is important before opening the tent door, as I had problems with the door zip catching. However, I hadn’t yet clipped the flysheet to the poles. Having done so, the material might have been pulled away from the zip a bit better.

Tent Pitched

The Outwell Vigor 3

The Outwell Vigor 3 pitched. Notice the larger living area.

The extra height in the living area of the tent makes a big difference when you need to get changed.

Inside the tent, there’s just one bedroom, as you would expect in a small three-person tent. This inner tent has a sewn-in groundsheet. There’s also an extra groundsheet that you can attach in the living space. This has a fold-down-flat entrance to the tent so that you don’t trip over it.

Inside the Outwell Vigor 3 tent

Inside the Outwell Vigor 3, there’s just one bedroom.

The Front Porch (or would have been!)

Another feature of the Outwell Vigor I like is the design of the front door that can be converted into a front porch. This is what the two steel tent poles are for.

That’s not that uncommon on tents, but nice to see it on this small tent. A difference with the Outwell Vigor is that the door can have extra side material attached, providing you with a little more protection.

This is what the Vigor is supposed to look like, looking out from the inside, when the front porch is set-up properly.

Unfortunately, there were no guylines with the tent to keep the poles upright. I was expecting two additional guy lines in the tent bag or already attached to the base of the door.

I don’t know if this was an error with the review sample I was sent, or if the tent doesn’t come with those guy lines as standard. I’ll find out and update this review with the answer.

I have confirmed with Outwell that you should have the extra guy lines in the peg bag to make the front door into a porch. It was just that my review sample didn’t have any.
The Outwell Vigor's front porch

The door converts to a front porch, providing extra shelter. However, the tent I had didn’t come with the guy lines to make this work.


I still really like this tent despite a few niggles.

  • Missing guy lines for the front porch. (See above: Outwell have confirmed that the Vigor tents should have these).
  • Front door zip catching (though, probably my fault).

Because of the missing guy lines, I’ve given a lower score for Quality. However, guy lines are cheap to buy, and this is probably one of the cheapest tents to buy that I’ve seen from Outwell, yet it still has a few things you’d expect on an Outwell tent, such as guy line tidies that make it easier when packing the tent away.

This was just the first pitching of the tent. We shall be using it throughout this summer, and I’ll come back and update this review.

Full specifications and further details can be found on the Outwell website.

Alternatives: Outwell Vigor 3 vs. Easy Camp Blizzard 300

If you like the shape of this small tent, but want something even easier to camp, then you can find an inflatable version by Easy Camp, known as the Easy Camp Blizzard 300.

The table below shows the differences, but note that the Easy Camp inflatable version is considerably more expensive.

  • Overview
  • Description
  • Brand/Store
  • Availability
  • User Rating
  • Review
  • Tent Details
  • Sleeps
  • Bedrooms
  • Recommended Tent Use
  • Frame Type
  • Hydrostatic Head
  • Year Introduced
  • Specification
  • Pack Size
  • Maximum Pressure
9.3Expert Score
Outwell Vigor 3 Review
The Outwell Vigor 3 is a great tent for the quick weekend getaway - especially for a single parent.
Value for Money
  • Lightweight and small pack size
  • Quick and easy to pitch
  • Extra room in the living space for getting change and bags

Photos: Outwell Vigor 3 – 2019 Update – Hands on Review

Videos: Outwell Vigor 3 – 2019 Update – Hands on Review

Specification: Outwell Vigor 3 – 2019 Update – Hands on Review

Tent Details


Recommended Tent Use

Frame Type

Hydrostatic Head

3000 mm

Year Introduced


Pack Size

61 x 24 cm

Weight 8.4 kg
Dimensions 420 × 200 × 180 cm

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  1. Piotr

    Thank you for your review.
    The end of summer is approaching, how do you rate this tent now?
    Watertightness and windproofness?
    I need a small tent with a large, high vestibule for a camping that usually lasts a week or two (changing weather conditions and lots of wind – windsurfing), can you recommend something?

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    • Mountain Leaders
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      Gav Grayston

      We’ve not used it enough to know it would last 2 weeks of wind and rain, though I don’t see why it wouldn’t.
      Is it just yourself using the tent? If not, I recommend looking for a slightly larger tent, as for 2 weeks, it might feel quite cramped depending on where you are camping.

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  2. Alex Hain

    I very much like your product reviews, Gav. To be honest, your website has given me a lot of inspiration and great advice, so I want to give something back by contributing this review. I bought the previous version of this tent and I must say I really like it a lot. We (1 adult, 2 kids) only use it for road trips and weekends away, especially in spring and autumn. Itโ€™s easy to keep warm in this small tent and one can still get oneself and the little ones dressed without having to step outside the tent. The shape of the tent is odd, but we donโ€™t care. It takes about 20 mins in total for just one person to pitch the tent. The only downside of this tent is the front area: If itโ€™s windy and rainy, the door might be pushed slightly inwards which means the groundsheet/ floor might get wet just by the entrance. But this can be prevented by a couple of large stones or sth similar.

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    • Mountain Leaders
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      Gav Grayston

      Thanks Alex!

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  3. Annie

    This is a really helpful review, as I was seriously considering buying this tent. I started looking at it last night, and today I searched YouTube for videos and saw that yours was the only video, aside from the manufacturer’s promo video, and that you posted it yesterday! You must have heard me across the airwaves requesting info! lol. It’s helpful to see a hands-on pitch and realistic viewpoint of a product. I don’t know why your tent didn’t have guy lines, but that is no biggie. I have extras, and, based in part on your good video showing the tent in real life, I decided to buy this tent. I think I will be very happy with it. It is exactly what I was looking for: a relatively compact tent with ample sleep space (for just me and some gear), standing room, a rain awning, and green colour (sounds superficial, I know, but when I’m outdoors, I want my tent to blend in and be as unobtrusive as possible). I found it all in this tent, and on sale! I can’t wait to take it camping next weekend and give it a trial run. Thank you for your good video!

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    • Mountain Leaders
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      Gav Grayston

      Hope you like it and have some great adventures in it ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Outwell Vigor 3 – 2019 Update – Hands on Review
    Outwell Vigor 3 – 2019 Update – Hands on Review

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