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Outwell Hartsdale 4PA Family Tent


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Brand: Outwell

The Outwell Hartsdale 4PA is a great family tent for both weekend camping and longer camping stays.

New in 2020 is the Outwell Hartsdale 4PA.

This is a four-person inflatable tent, that’s not too big, and so provides a good balance of weekend camping and longer stays.

If you like this tent but are after a larger version, then check out the Outwell Hartsdale 6PA.

Outwell Hartsdale 4PA Tent Info

More Living Space

There a quite a few tents that have the 2+2 layout, that is two people in two bedrooms. And many fast-pitching ones too.

However, what sets the Hartsdale apart is the additional space provided by the wing lounge.

This doesn’t add much to the weight or footprint of the tent, but it does give you that useful additional space, even if you just use it during a weekend camp to keep your bags out of the way.

The Porch is a Fantastic Shelter

Another thing I really like about the Outwell Hartsdale 4PA is the built-in porch. This provides a useful way to get in and out of your tent if it is raining, as well as somewhere to put your camping chairs to keep them dry during a shower.

Even if it isn’t raining, sitting in the porch can also shield you from the wind, so if your tent is pitched facing the sun, it could create a great little sun trap 🙂

Front porch on the Hartsdale 4PA Tent

The built-in front porch provides great protection from the weather.

The Bedrooms

Inside the Outwell Hartsdale 4PA Bedrooms

The bedrooms in the Outwell Hartsdale 4PA are darkened.

As with many tents in 2020, the bedrooms are darkened.

You can also remove the divider from between the rooms, as shown in the photo above.

Another neat design feature of the bedrooms is the Quick & Quiet doors. These have a magnetic fastening so that you can get in and out of the bedroom without having to unzip the doors. Plus, the magnets are weighted so that the door closes itself behind you. How neat is that 🙂

Outwell Quick and Quiet Doors

This tent has Outwell’s Premier Bedrooms, that has a stand-up height, a less sloping back that is ideal if you use camp beds or raised airbeds, and a minimum length of 215 cm that gives you more space than standard bedrooms.

Light where you want it

The Outwell Hartsdale 4PA also includes the new HookTrack system, which enables you to hang lights in different places than the traditional lantern hook.

Outwell HookTrack System

Optional Extras

This tent already comes with a lot of features. As well as those mentioned above, it has tinted windows, and a light roof in the main living area to let in more light.

However, there are a few extras you can get.

  • A fleece carpet – something we recommend with this tent. It will really make the tent feel a lot warmer and homier inside.
  • A footprint to help keep the underside of your tent clean.
  • An extension to extend the porch if you feel the need. The extension you need is the Outwell Universal Extension Size 3.

Getting Hands-on

We did a test pitch of the Hartsdale 4PA tent in our back garden.

Video thumbnail for test pitching the Outwell Hartsdale 4PA Tent

If you want more information about this tent, tap here to see the full specification on the Outwell website.

9Expert Score
The Outwell Hartsdale 4PA is a great family tent for both weekend camping and longer camping stays.
Family Friendly
Value for Money
  • A good size tent for both weekend camping and longer stays.
  • The Wing Lounge provides more living space.
  • Comes with an excellent porch built-in.
  • Darkened bedrooms with Quick & Quiet entry.
  • The bedroom divider is a little translucent.

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Specification: Outwell Hartsdale 4PA Family Tent

Tent Details


Recommended Tent Use


Frame Type

Hydrostatic Head

4000 mm

Year Introduced


Pack Size

86 x 43 x 43 cm

Weight 24.5 kg
Dimensions 565 × 450 × 210 cm

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