Geo Bucket - Geo Caching App Review

Geo Bucket - Geo Caching App Review

A handy Geocaching app that doesn't require an internet connection.

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Our Score: 8/10

Easy to useValue for Money

The good

  • A free geocaching app
  • You can download caches and find them without an internet connection
  • It can help decrypt clues

The not so good

  • Not quite as polished as the Groundspeak Geocaching App

This was a hands-on product review.

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Geobucket geocaching app

Our Review

We had some excellent weather today and decided to go out for a hike and geo-caching.

So today I downloaded Geo Bucket and gave it a try.

Geo Bucket works for both iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Now there are many Geo Caching apps out there (see this review of Hiking and Geo Caching iPhone Apps), but this one doesn't need a GPS - which is fine, as we wouldn't be using it in that manner.

Instead of installing it on an iPhone we installed it on our iPad.  This is a WIFI only iPad, so it contains a digital compass, but no GPS and no 3G for connecting to the internet.

So how does Geo Bucket work then?  Before leaving I downloaded the app and entered my credentials.  It works with both the free and premium Geocaching accounts.

I could then zoom in on a map to the area we would be visiting and download all the caches and their details.  This can include the hint and all recent comments as well.

So, with iPad securely stowed in the backpack, off we set.

Although we had the cache stored in our GPS for navigation, I deliberately didn't look at any of the cache's details.

Out in the field, we turned on the iPad.  No, internet connection remember, but there was the map with all the caches in the area.  Tapping the cache and I could then see the details (and even peaked at the hint - I know, cheating a little!).  This was just as well, as the cache was where it was described, and not at where the GPS said.

Once back home and reconnected to the internet, I could open the app and record the find directly at

Taking the iPad is not something we would normally want to do, but as a free app (which also works on the iPhone), it was good to see something working that didn't mind no GPS and no internet signal.


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