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BUFF® and the many different ways to wear them


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A BUFF® is a surprisingly useful item to take in your kit bag. We also got creative with a few different ways you can wear or use a BUFF®.

So “what is a BUFF®?” you may be asking. To put it simply: multifunctional headwear. Ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, skiing etc where protection/warmth may be required. Keen to try some out the guys from KitShack kindly sent us over a couple to try out (children and adults )


BUFF® Headwear is uniquely versatile; there are many ways to wear them. They can be worn up to 13 different ways to keep warm or add protection from the elements. This video below demonstrates all the ways to wear a buff from neckerchiefs, saharine to beanies and wristbands. All pretty straightforward, but if you get stuck its worth a watch.

We had a go at trying all the ways to wear a buff and had fun coming up with our own ideas! My daughters favourite was the cap she wore it all day and even forget she had it on till bedtime!

Different Ways to Wear a Buff

There are various types of BUFF® Headwear available with different technical features from UV protection BUFF® to polar BUFF® Headwear, something for all adventures across any season. My BUFF® was high UV protection. The technical features include

  • at least 95% UV protection
  • Coolmax Extreme to wick moisture ( sweat ) away from the skin to outer layer of the fabric
  • Treated with polygiene, so the buff remains fresh and prevents the build-up of bacteria in the fabric.

When the sun made an appearance, we took the BUFF® Headwear out upon the hills. I was really pleased with mine, very comfortable to wear ( no seams ) and gave good protection against the sun. A good fit for my oldest daughter and myself.

After a wash, both BUFF® Headwear items still looked good, with no colour or shape loss.

Buff headband

Buff headband

My daughter found the buff very comfortable to wear, lovely and soft. The funky design was appealing. She loved wearing it and found it handy that it wasn’t too bulky so that she could fit it in a pocket.

We think that these are a great little bit of versatile kit to throw in your rucksack when you’re off on an outdoor adventure. It might not seem much when you look at a BUFF®, but there is more to them than meets the eye!

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Price Guide: BUFF® and the many different ways to wear them

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BUFF® and the many different ways to wear them
BUFF® and the many different ways to wear them
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