What clothes you’ll need for your own Discovery Adventures

April 29, 2017

Craghoppers have partnered up with the Discovery Channel, which since 1985 has been exploring the wonders of the world. We were super excited to get the opportunity to try out some of the gear from this exciting new range. And while we were filming when out and about, we looked like we were a crew from the Discovery Channel! 🙂

– Climaplus
– Windproof
– Water resistant
– lightweight
– Packable
– Two pockets both zipped
– Full-length zip with inner zip guard
– Grown on hood

Discovery Adventures Climaplus Jacket Review

With Gav in the men’s blue Climaplus and myself in the Electric Pink ladies jacket, we headed up to the Shropshire Hills to a favourite spot to try them out.

Hiking on the hills

They both fitted well and true to size.

Now I usually go for dark colours when buying clothes, but feeling a bit braver I choose the electric pink colour, and I’m so glad I did. The colour looked cheerful on, and you could spot me for miles on the hills!

Crisis a stream

I was easy to spot in Electric Pink!

Simple styling makes these jackets easy to wear and a nice length not to restrict leg/body movement.

They kept us warm up on the hills thanks to the Climaplus, which is an insulating layer that has the warmth of a down, but in a compact, quick-drying 100%synthetic form while being ultra lightweight.

The jackets are super lightweight and when the sun did come out to say hello they were light to carry in our rucksacks.

One of the features I love about the Climpaplus jackets is that they pack down into their own pockets, which you can then throw into your backpack. This feature makes them a very versatile jacket that you can have on your adventures for whatever the weather throws at you.

Climaplus Packaway Jacket

The Climaplus jacket can easily fold up inside its own pocket

A Second Opinion

I’ve been taking this Discovery Adventures jacket with me on a number of trips now. And I must say, I’ve been very pleased with it…. and I’m glad mine isn’t electric pink 😉

Crossing the stepping stones

On a recent trip to Northumberland, we generally had great weather – except for one hike, where it chucked it down with a cold wind. It was the sort of weather where we had to put on our waterproof overtrousers.

I wore my Discovery Adventures Climaplus Jacket and was well insulated, protected from the wind, and kept dry. Of course, all the sorts of things you’d want from a jacket! 🙂

Testing the Discovery Adventure jacket

Cold, muddy, and wet – but warm and dry!

As I mentioned, most of the time the weather was great, even if there was a bit of a cold wind still at times. Because the jacket can scrunch down small, it was easy to put in my backpack without taking up much room and without adding much weight. This jacket is so light!


Discovery Adventures Short sleeved T-Shirt Deep Blue

– Moisture control
– Lightweight
– Wash and wear

I love this T-shirt. It’s simply an easy t-shirt to wear. It works well as part of a layering system or just on its own on a warm sunny day.

The Discovery Adventure T-Shire

The Discovery Adventures technical T-Shirt

Either way it is used, the moisture control technologies help to pull moisture from the body to the top layer of fabric and as Craghoppers say, “keeping you cool on the move”.

Climbing Snowdon

The T-Shirt is great at keeping you cool on warm days (this is a view when climbing Mount Snowdon)

I found the T-shirt comfortable and light to wear.

I hate ironing and avoid it at all costs so a t-shirt that requires no ironing ticks another box.

On the Pyg track

Climbing Mount Snowdon on a warm day

The Discovery Adventures logo reminds you to get discovering adventures!

The Discovery Adventures logo

Kids Discovery Adventure Waterproof Jacket & Trousers

Jacket Features
– AquaDry membrane
– Lightweight
– Security- hidden /zipped pockets for valuables
– Waterproof
– Breathable

Trousers Features
– Solarshield UV protection up to UPF50+
– SmartDry water repellents keep clothes drier for longer, making them lighter, warmer and much more comfortable.
– Wash and wear

Tom is military mad so knew we would have no problem getting Tom to test out this duo in camo style.

Kids Discovery Adventures camo outfit

No stopping this little adventurer!

The design of this kit is little boy’s dream to go exploring, hiding and discovering like a proper adventurer on a mission.

The trousers were a little big for Tom, so plenty of growing room!

They are designed in what I call the “Bear Grylls style” with black patches on the knees and bottom area. At first, I thought these areas were reinforced for wear and tear, which would be perfect for little adventurous boys, but it’s just a design feature…. maybe a thought for the designers at Craghoppers!

The patches do make the trousers look very stylish, and Tom looked like he was ready to take on the world.

One of the wildlife film crew from the Discovery Channel?

There are a couple of velcro pockets, which are a decent size for storing treasures.

On a recent adventure to Snowdon, Tom used the pockets to collect ‘dinosaur’ stones on his way up to the summit.

Scrambling up Mount Snowdon in the Discovery Adventures gear

Scrambling up Mount Snowdon

These trousers are perfect for little ones light to wear, allowing natural movement for all that play. The smart dry technology repels the water keeping them drier for longer. Very useful for little ones who embrace the elements far better than us adults!


Tom can be quite fussy with trousers and doesn’t like anything that is uncomfortable or restricts his movements, but we had no complaints, and by far these are his favourite trousers.

Sitting by the upper lake on Mount Snowdon

The Discovery jacket is another great bit of kit for kids.

It’s lightweight and packs up small to fit in your rucksack.

It’s waterproof and breathable. The zipped pockets are handy for gloves and any treasures found along the way!

Tom loved wearing this, especially with the matching camo trousers.


We’ve been impressed with the Discovery Adventure range, as always by Craghoppers quality at the foremost.

They are a bit of an investment, but you are getting a good quality product (Craghoppers offer a lifetime guarantee on their products from 2007) that will stand up to all the fun outside.

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