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Family Hiking and Getting Outside

Getting outside as a family is really important. Not only are there the obvious health benefits, but it’s also a chance to bond as a family as well as teach your children and broaden their horizons.

It doesn’t matter if it is a stroll down to the local park or you have sights on bagging summits, hiking and getting outside can be as gentle or strenuous as you want.

We’ve pulled together a number of tips for hiking with kids, from enthusing them to get outside, to choosing the right gear to avoid people getting cold, wet, and miserable.

Hiking with Kids

Tips on Hiking with Kids

Not sure where to start? Think your kids too young? Read this introduction guide to hiking with kids.

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18 Tips for a Woodland Walk

To help keep your family outside, have a read of these hiking tips, such as these 18 Tips for a Woodland Walk.

Exploring Nature when Hiking

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Outside for Health & Fitness

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Maps & Navigation

  • Map Symbol Bingo (free download)
    Map Symbol Bingo is a great way to teach your kids map symbols. Download our free game here. There are three levels of difficulty, so not just for kids!
  • Ordnance Survey getamap Review
    Need lots of OS maps cheaply? Want to mark routes on your maps? Want to give your kids a map but don't want it lost/wet/ruined? OS getamap is the solution.
  • How to Teach Your Kids Map Reading Skills
    Map skills are an essential outdoor skill. Here's a successful method for teaching your kids map reading skills.
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Hiking Gear Reviews

“There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” – Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Coats & Warm Clothing

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Walking Shoes & Hiking Boots

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Child Carriers

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  • How to keep your feet dry when hiking
    Ever wondered what those funny looking things are that some hikers wear around their ankles? In this post we look at what they are and how they keep your feet dry.

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