Getting Started with Family Camping

Sleeping in a tent is a great adventure for kids, and if you’re new to camping or just planning on getting started, this tutorial will get you up to speed with what you need to know.

Once you’ve mastered the art of camping, getting away for the weekend and discovering somewhere new is easy.  But where do you start?

If you’ve not been camping before, or at least, never with the kids, then here are some useful guides to get you started.

Click a topic below to learn about getting started with family camping. You can read through the topics sequentially or dive into a specific one.

Getting Started with Family Camping Series

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  • Camping with Kids

    Why you should be adding camping as something you and your family do, what we consider the ‘right way’ for camping with kids, and also some pitfalls to avoid

  • How to pitch a tent

    If you are worried about pitching a tent - don't be. They are quite straightforward these days.

  • Choosing the right family tent

    There are many types of tents available for different sizes of familes, different ages of children, and how often you go camping. We give you some pointers to help choose the right tent.

  • Setting up your sleeping area

    We've learnt the hard way on what makes a good night's sleep for the family at the campsite. Read these tips on how to best set-up your family's sleeping area.

  • How to set-up your camp kitchen

    You need somewhere safe to cook and feed your family. Doing this in your tent is not recommended. We show you how to set-up a camp kitchen.

  • How to set-up a gas camping stove

    There are different types of gas camping stove. Some are small and simple, and some are larger and need a gas regulator. This guide shows you what to get.

  • How to cook using a campfire

    Want a more traditional camping experience? Here are some tips for cooking using a campfire.

  • Camping Check-list

    Here's a useful check list of things to take camping.

Camping With Kids, and why you should be doing it

In this introduction to family camping we look at why you should be adding camping as something you and your family do, what we consider the ‘right way’ for camping with kids, and also some pitfalls to avoid.

How to pitch a tent - Even if you’ve never been camping

If you have a niggling doubt that you’ll be able to put a tent up, this post should brush that fear aside as we show you how modern tent designs make the job easy, and cover different types of tents that can make pitching extremely simple.

Choosing The Right Family Tent - Useful things to know before you spend your cash

Before you go out and buy a family tent, you must read this guide. We cover useful things you need to know, helping you find a tent that suits your family’s requirements.

Setting up your Sleeping Area - Useful tips for a good night’s sleep

This topic is all about sleeping. We cover what you need to get, and how to setup your sleeping area, including a very useful tip for keeping warm at night.

Setting up your Camp Kitchen - Simple steps for setting up a safe camp kitchen

You need somewhere dry for cooking, and it’s best to keep gas stoves out of your tent. Here’s our guide to setting up your kitchen at the campsite.

Setting up your Gas: Stove Choosing a stove. Selecting & fitting the right gas

This guide takes you through selecting a gas stove, choosing the right type of gas and regulator, fitting and setting up your stove, and transporting gas to the campsite.

Camping Checklist - What things to take from home

Here’s a handy list covering what equipment you need to get to to start camping and a handy checklist of items to take from home.

Cooking at Camp

If you’re taking your kids camping, try a bit of campfire cooking. There’s a lot more you can cook up than just a BBQ or using a small gas stove. Read this guide to find out what equipment you need and some recipe suggestions.

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