Explore the Monkey Forest in Staffordshire (yes, Staffordshire)

The Monkey Forest

The Trentham Estate in Staffordshire has converted some of its grounds over to a Monkey Forest.  What is the Monkey Forest?  Well, imagine walking through woodland park grounds, as typically found across the UK, but this time with free-roaming monkeys!

Trentham Monkey ForestThey have a couple of troops of Barbary macaques, complete with babies.

These are free to roam 60 acres of woodland through which a 3/4 mile trail runs.

When we visited there were plenty of helpful staff, giving frequent talks and regular feeding times.

Get Out With The Kids - ReviewedAs well as the monkeys, there’s a play park, cafe, and picnic area.

Getting up into the trees

So, if watching the monkeys had your kids wanting to climb the trees, right next to the Monkey Forest is an Aerial Extreme high-ropes adventure course… but they will need to be over 1.4m.

Keeping your feet firmly on the ground

Right next to the Monkey Forest and Aerial Extreme is a public footpath through woods.  If you carry on walking past the Aerial Extreme next to the Monkey Forest fence, you’ll see an entrance to the woods in the top left corner before the fields start.

You can follow the trail all the way back towards the road where you came into park, so a great walk to get in before going home.

The trail starts flat and then descends.  In fact one fork of the trail will bring you out by a statue where you have great views from the top of the hill you are on.  (We surprised a black deer that was by the statue, so keep your eyes peeled for wildlife).

If you’re into Geocaching then this trail has a number of great caches. We found a few travel bugs when we visited, which the kids were thrilled at (despite our youngest loosing his swappable on the path, which lost us about 45 minutes in unsuccessful searching and retracing our steps).

Where is the Monkey Forest?

Put ST4 8AY into your sat nav.

Visit their web sites: Monkey Forest and Aerial Extreme.

Although there is a picnic area in the forest (not with the monkeys fortunately), when we visited the field by the entrance was used as an overflow car park.  Us and a number of other families were able to drive our car to a nice spot on the hill away from everyone and have a big picnic and run around. Something you may want to consider.

This was a great day out with the kids.

What’s in the area?

Have you been to the Monkey Forest?

If so, share your experience by completing the comments form below.


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