Pitched under the trees

Casper pitched under the trees at Ca'Savio

It's time to say goodbye

Posted by Gav Grayston.
First Published Dec 2021; updated Jun 2023.

Families grow, so it's time to say goodbye to a friend we spent many adventures with.

Today is a sad day.

After many years of happy memories, it's time to say goodbye to 'Casper', our caravan.

It was ideal for us with its four children's bunk beds when we bought it.

However, children grow up. Two of our children are now at university!

Casper's layout no longer works for us

Casper the Caravan at Sunset

Our caravan at sunset, after arriving late at the campsite!

Casper's layout no longer works for us. Plus, given all the other things going on over the last few years, we've been using it less and less. But of course, we still have to pay to insure, store, and service it.

And so it's time to say goodbye and let him help another family enjoy their adventures.

It still retains that 'new smell' when you open the door. As we take our personal belongings out of the caravan, it transforms from a home from home back into a caravan, ready for someone else to make it theirs.

A home from home

Someone else also loves the awning

So what's next?

We've been looking into getting a campervan now that our family is three plus a dog instead of five plus a dog.

Shell and I run races (well, Shell does; I plod along), but my lad and I also do plenty of mountain biking. Using a van, even as a day van, could work well for us. Even if it's just somewhere to change, wash up, and put the kettle on. And when we want to stay somewhere longer, we'll tow our camping trailer and say in the tent.

Campervans are considerably more expensive than caravans. And currently, there's a shortage, so prices are even higher.

So, it's only tent camping for us for the time being. Which is OK with us 🙂