2020 Caravans, Camper Vans, and Motorhomes

November 17, 2019

We popped along to the Motorhome and Caravan Show at the NEC in Birmingham to see some of the new Caravans, Campervans, and Motorhomes available for 2020.

Watch our video on the 2020 family caravans, camper vans, and motorhomes. Links to specific models are below.

Below are the caravans, camper vans, and motorhomes we featured in the video. If you want to just view a specific model, tap the name in the list below to see more details, such as layout and berths. You can also click the See in our Video button to just view that model instead of watching the full video.

2020 Caravans

There were many caravans at the Motorhome and Caravan Show. We tried to see as many as we could, but unfortunately, couldn’t get around them all.

Fortunately, for the family, there are many caravans suitable for families. Caravans are more popular with families than Motorhomes and Camper Vans, and that’s probably due to the cost.

there are many caravans suitable for families

One of the big decisions you’ll need to make with a caravan is whether to get a fixed double bed.

A fixed double bed certainly makes it easier for you, the mum or dad, but it eats into a lot of living space. Plus, we’ve found, letting the kids have their own space in the caravan is useful when people need a bit of ‘time apart’. So, if you have at least two young kids, we recommend looking for a model with bunk beds.

letting the kids have their own space in the caravan is useful when people need a bit of ‘time apart’.

Elddis have an interesting design this year, where they have two fixed bunk beds and a fixed double.

Caravan beds
This year you can get a caravan with a fixed double bed and fixed bunk beds. Is this best of both?

Caravans with Bunk Beds

Below is a list of caravans we saw that have bunk beds, starting with the cheapest first.

Adria Altea Avon

A 6 berth family caravan. Three of the beds are fixed children’s bunks.

We liked his Altea Avon caravan from Adria. It has a great family-friendly layout.

there are three fixed bunks

At the front of the caravan the seats convert into a double bed. At the back there are three fixed bunks, plus an additional seating area with table (which also converts to a bed). We think this additional table at the back is great, as it creates more space and gives your kids their own space to sit and play.

Bailey Cabrera

A 4 berth caravan with a fixed double.

With the layout of the Bailey Cabrera, you get the luxury of a fixed double bed, with the kids either sleeping on each of the front sofas, which can also be turned into a double bed if necessary.

Obviously, with a fixed double, you miss some additional living space. This might not be a problem if you plan to get a caravan awning.

It does also have a central shower. This can be closed off, but if you have different people in your family wanting to use the shower, it will block off the front and back half of the caravan.

Bailey D4-2

A small 2 berth caravan…but for families?

The Bailey D4-2 is a very small caravan, so if you are limited in storage or towing capacity, then this might be a cut-down option.

But is this too small for a family? It only is a 2-berth, so yes, you can’t fit everyone inside the caravan. However, with the addition of an awning, this might still be an option. Though, when planning on visiting a campsite, check that they allow people to sleep in awnings. Some sites don’t!

Coachman Acadia 580

A family caravan with 5 berths, including fixed bunks.

The Coachman Acadia 580 is designed for families, with two fixed bunkbeds at the rear. The layout is very similar to our Compass Casita 586 (though the Acadia only has 5 berths).

Coachman Acadia 630

A family caravan with 5 berths, including fixed bunks.

The Coachman Acadia 630 is the big sister of the Coachman Acadia 530. Like the 530, you get two fixed bunks and a large living area.

The extra space in this van appears to have gone on the rear bathroom. For us, this is not worth the additional difficulty in towing a large caravan over the 580, which has the same number of berths.

Compass Casita 586

A family caravan with 6 berths, including 2 fixed bunks and 2 convertible bunks.

The Compass Casita 586 is the caravan we bought, and we think it has a great family layout 🙂

The fixed bunks at the back are great for kids, giving them their own bit of space.

In the middle of the caravan, the additional seating area with table can also convert into two bunk beds. And at the front of the caravan, the seating area converts into a double bed.

The 2020 version of the Compass Casita 586 has a slightly updated layout than our version. We think this tweak is great and adds more storage and a better bathroom layout.

Xplore 586

A family caravan with 6 berths, including 2 fixed bunks and 2 convertible bunks.

The Xplore 586 is the same layout as the Compass Casita 586.

The difference is that the Xplore 586 is slightly cheaper and has a slightly lower spec than the Compass Casita version. For example, you don’t get a microwave in the Xplore 586.

If you want to save a bit of money, this is a great option for family caravanning.

Compass Casita 868

A family caravan with 6 berths, including 2 fixed bunks and a fixed double.

The Casita 868 is the twin-axle big sister of the Compass Casita 586.

However, rather than being just a larger version of the Casita 586, the Casita 868 has a new layout for 2020.

It still has the fixed bunks, but it now also has a fixed double too. That’s a lots of beds for the family, and means there are less beds to convert and make up at night.

There is a catch though: all the fixed beds share the same bedroom. This might be a ‘Marmite’ design, where you either love it or hate it.

Families often share a bedroom in hotel rooms, but would you want this all the time in your caravan?

The layout also includes a central shower. Anyone using the shower is ‘on show’ unless they close the doors, which will shut off people from getting to and from their bedroom.

Elddis Avante 868

A family caravan with 6 berths, including 2 fixed bunks and a fixed double.

Sharing the same layout as the Compass Casita 868, the twin-axle Elddis Avante 868 is another caravan designed especially for families.

Coming in at a similar price to the Casita 868, the Elddis Avante 868 offers an alternative trim.

2020 Camper Vans

What’s the difference between a Camper Van and a Motorhome?

If you are new to the world of Camper Vans and Motorhomes, these two terms can be confusing.

A Camper Van is smaller than a motorhome. The Camper Van is based on a small commercial van, such as a VW T5 Transporter, a Ford Transit, etc.

They often have a small kitchen and convertible beds. Some have additional beds in a pop-up roof.

Motorhomes are based on larger commercial vans, small lorries, or even coaches.

Why get a camper van when you have a family?

Being smaller has its obvious disadvantages; there’s much less living, sleeping, and storage space. For a family, this can become a big problem.

However, they do have a few big advantages:

  • They are easier to drive and quicker than towing a caravan.
  • Many smaller models can easily park in car parks. This is something not possible with a larger motorhome, which makes days out harder and even getting shopping a problem.
  • They are useful even for just a day out with your family, as you have a small kitchen, water, and battery power.

Family Camper Vans with Bunk Beds

There are some camper vans designed especially for families.

Two we saw that are worth a mention is the WildAx Solaris XL (our favourite we saw), and the Dreamer Camper Van, but their family van with bunk beds.

Coachman Camper

4 berth camper vans based on a Ford Tourneo.

These campers from Coachman look quite smart.

They are based on a custom Ford Tourneo and come with a 6 speed manual gearbox or can be upgraded to an automatic.

There are lots of extra features, such as built-in Wifi and solar panel.

CMC Reimo Renault Escape

4 berth camper van

This van comes via Concept Multi-Car and is a Reimo Renault Traffic Sport van conversion.

They did demonstrate how you could take three small kids with this van, but if your kids are larger, you can only sleep two in a double.

CMC have a lot of different van conversions all the time, so check out their website.

Rapido Dreamer Camper Van XL Select

A large 4 berth camper van with a great layout for families


This camper van felt like a small motorhome.

It was one of our favourite vans at the show. It might have been our favourite if they showed their family version that has kids bunks.

From the outside, this van doesn’t look like much. This is a good thing as the more expensive looking van is more likely to be broken in to or stolen. However, when you get inside the van, the interior is top notch.

At first the living space is normal, with seating for 4 around a table, and the kitchen to the side. However, if you look up, you’ll see that it is a drop bed.

There’s also a double bed at the back of the van – but there is a family edition with bunks.

You also get a bathroom and separate shower. To avoid wasting space, the wardrobe swings inside the empty space of the shower, which is a neat design.

With all of these features, we were amazed at the prize.

Dreamer Family Camper Van

Although we didn’t see the family version at the show, it is worth mentioning it, as the Dreamer Family Camper Van looks a perfect layout for families.

You get the great features of the Dreamer Select camper van range, including the drop bed, but there are also fixed bunks.

Dreamer Select Family camper van
You get the great features of the Dreamer Select range, but in a family-friendly layout.
Dreamer Select Family berths
At the back of the van are fixed bunks, giving your kids their own space.
Dreamer Select Family Option
There’s storage under the rear bunk, and you can lift it up, making it a great clean-up station for mucky kids!
The Dreamer Family Van Layout

Westfalia James Cook Classic Edition

Impressive looking 4 berth Westfalia

This Westfalia James Cook Classic certainly looked impressive, with its big go-anywhere tires and bedroom that extends out the back of the van.

All those features do come with a price tag though, but it is based on a Mercedes Sprinter van.

With the fantastic exterior, we felt a little let down inside. Despite the large van size, it felt cramped compared to some other vans we saw at the show.

Westfalia Kelper Sixty

A modern version on a VW camper van

The Westfalia Kelper Sixty is a more traditional VW layout.

Of course, the striking red and white colour scheme can’t be ignored. You’ll either love it or hate it.

Westfalia Kelper One

A smart VW Camper Van – complete with toilet

Compared to the Westfalia Kelper Sixty, the Kelper One has a more subdued and classic finishing.

The kitchen is more towards the back of the van, and at the very back, you can find a toilet.

There is a double bed in the pop-up roof, and the main seating area converts to another double bed.

Westfalia Jules Verne Elegance

Similar to the Kelper One, but on a Mercedes

As with the Westfalia Kelper One, the Jules Verne is a compact van with a lot of features.

The layout is the same as the Kelper One, with the toilet and kitchen at the back, and the seating area converting to one of the overnight beds.

The difference to the Kelper One is that the Jules Vern is built on a Mercedes van instead of VW.

WildAx Solaris XL

A four-berth van with fixed bunk beds.


From all the vans we saw at the show this was our favourite.

The layout of the WildAx Solaris XL reminded us of our caravan, and we were very impressed with its features.

You got two fixed bunks, a well spec’d kitchen with large oven and grill, microwave, and massive family-sized fridge freezer.

The living area felt spacious and you didn’t feel crammed into a small space.

2020 Motorhomes

Family-Friendly Motorhomes

A motorhome layout that suits one family might not suit another. However, we’ve listed below some motorhomes you might want to look at.

There are some motorhomes designed exclusively for families, complete with bunk beds. There are others, that could provide a great family layout even without bunk beds.

As with caravans, you’ll need to weigh up the convenience of having fixed beds vs less living space. However, there are a few smart designs where you can have almost both.

Motorhomes with Bunk Beds

Here are some motorhomes with bunk beds.

Other Family-friendly Motorhomes

Here are some other family-friendly motorhomes. Of course, there are lots to choose from, and so we’ve got a selection to start your search with.

These don’t have bunk beds, but don’t discount them. Our favourite motorhome doesn’t have bunk beds!

Adria Sonic AXESS 600 SL

4-Berth A-Class Motorhome

We liked the Adria Sonic 600 SL motorhome.

There are two fixed beds for the kids at the back, with an optional third smaller bed.

Meanwhile, there’s a double drop bed for mum and dad at the front.

Underneath the fixed rear beds is a good-sized garage for outside table and chairs, and all those other bits you need to take.

Carado I-447

4-Berth A-Class Motorhome

This is another European a-class motorhome, this time from German brand Carado.

As with many other motorhomes, this has two fixed beds at the rear, making an ideal ‘kids room’, with parents using the drop-down double bed at the front.

Underneath the fixed beds is a good sized garage for all those family bits and pieces.

However, a big downside I see with this layout is that the shower has no privacy from the rear bedroom. If you want to use the on-board shower, then you will need to get, and keep, the kids out of their room if you don’t want an audience while cleaning yourself!

Delthleffs Globetrotter XXL A

6-berth C-Class Motorhome

Globetrotter XXL A 9000-2 Layout

This is the first C-Class motorhome in our list, and it’s massive!

The model on display is the A 9050-2 DBM with a fixed double bed. There is an alternative layout, which might be more family-friendly, the A 9000-2 EB that has two fixed singles.

Delthleffs Globetrotter XLI 7850-2

Massive 4-berth A-class motorhome

This is an A-Class Globetrotter, and like the larger C-Class XXL A model, this only sleeps 4, not 6.

The XLi uses the familiar fixed beds in the back and a drop-down double over the cab.

You can choose between a fixed double or fixed singles.

Elddis Autoquest 196

A 6-berth C-class motorhome with an ideal layout for families

The Elddis Autoquest 196 brings a 6-berth motorhome at a price similar to, and in some cases, cheaper than a camper van.

What’s more, we think this has a great family layout.

The back of the motorhome is a separate living area, which converts into beds. This makes a great kids room area.

There is a drop-down double for mum and dad over the main living area. Plus, the dining area can be converted into more beds.

Elddis Encore 250

4-berth C-Class Motorhome

This motorhome has a fixed double-bed layout, giving mum and dad the space at the back. This kids would have to sleep in the living area, which converts into beds.

Unlike many motorhomes with a fixed rear bed, the Encore 250 has a private bathroom with shower, and so is a more friendly option.

Elddis Encore 255

4-Berth C-Class motorhome with fixed double-bed

This is very similar to the Encore 250, so if you are after a fixed double bed, the Encore 255 provides a slightly different layout.

The bedroom with the fixed double-bed is smaller, making room for the bathroom and shower. This is a full-sized separate shower in the bathroom.

The kitchen is in the middle, and the front area is the living space, which is where the kids would sleep.

Etrusco I 7400 QB

An A-Class motorhome home with two double beds

This German motorhome feels bright and spacious.

It has two double beds, and so this layout could be limited for a family. An option of an additional berth is possible.

The shower is also of the ‘exposed’ design, so not as family-friendly.

Underneath the double bed is a good sized garage.

Etrusco A 7300 DB

A large 6 berth C-Class motorhome with an over cab double.

The C-Class Etrusco A 7300 DB didn’t appear as spacious and bright as its A-Class sibling, the Etrusco I 7400 QB. However, it does have a more family-friendly layout.

At the back is a fixed double and there’s also a double above the cab. Plus, the living area converts into beds.

The bathroom includes a good size shower and is private.

At the rear, you’ll also find a garage big enough for lots of storage.

An even better family layout is the Etrusco A 6600 BB, which has bunk beds at the rear.

Laika ECOVIP 609

A 4-5 berth Italian A-Class motorhome

This Italian motorhome looks like a luxury yacht on the inside.

As with other motorhomes, it has two fixed beds at the back. We think this makes an ideal kids room. The bathroom is fully private this time too.

With the fixed beds comes a large garage, and so there’s plenty of space for storage.

Mobilvetta K Yacht 80

Berth A-Class Italian Motorhome


This motorhome has a fantastic layout.

At the rear is a large living area, giving your family much more space to spread out.

Yes, the kids could sleep on the seats. However, the K-Yacht 80 has a neat trick: the ceiling in this living space comes down to reveal a double bed.

At the front of the motorhome is the usual kitchen, dining room, and over-cab drop-down bed.

There’s a fully enclosed bathroom with shower too, and a small garage for storage.

We’ve seen a second hand one of these at a much more affordable price 🙂

Mobilvetta K Yacht 85

A 4-berth A-Class motorhome with two fixed beds

Unlike the K-Yacht 80, the 85’s layout doesn’t have the additional living space.

The fixed beds could make a kids room, but the shower is exposed, expecting the fixed beds to be the master bedroom.

Rapido Itineo SB740 Traveller

An A-class motorhome designed for families

We’ve mentioned a lot how the rear fixed beds can make a good kids room. Well, the Itineo SB740 is designed for that, with two fixed bunks and even a table an chairs (which can convert into an extra bed).

Up front, mum & dad get the drop-down double over the cab.

Swift Kon-Tiki Sport 597

A 4 berth C-Class motorhome with a large garage

At the show was the new Swift Kon-Tiki Sport 597.

This is quite a large C-Class motorhome with fixed twin beds at the rear above a very large garage.

If you are interested in a motorhome this size, then look at the Swift Kon-Tiki Sport 596. It’s slightly more expensive but we think has a better family layout.

The Kon-Tiki Sport 596 has a slightly better family layout than the 597.

Florium Wincester 75 Loft

An A-Class Motorhome with a great family layout


This motorhome doesn’t have bunk beds; it has two doubles. And it doesn’t have a massive garage. It’s bathroom isn’t the most practical design as to use the shower you block off access to the rear of the motorhome.

So why is it our favourite at the show?

Well, inside the motorhome it is very bright and airy, and feels like there is a lot of space. And there is.

We have found on our travels that giving people some space apart sometimes makes things a lot better. There is a large living space at the rear of this motorhome, as well as the one at the front.

Kids could just sleep on the benches at the back. However, it has a neat trick, in that the roof lowers to reveal a double bed.

You can lock this bed off part way down, and then you have bunk beds, with one child sleeping on the seat below.

This great living space and different sleeping options make this our favourite.

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