Capture the Flag Game

July 24, 2016

Capture the Flag is a simple game. Can be played as a family. Works well with a larger group.

Capture the Flag

The aim of ‘Capture the Flag’ is…you’ve guessed it…to capture the flag.

Capture the Flag Rules

For this game, you split into two teams. One team is the defender; the other the attacker.

The defender has a prison; the attacker has a base.

The defender protects their flag by ‘tagging’ an attacker. A tagged attacker has to go to the defender’s prison, and can’t be released until they’re tagged by one of their teams – if you’ve played ‘tag’ or ‘stick in the mud’ then these are the same rules.

Once the attacker gets the flag they run back to their base.  It is only when they have got the flag back to their base that they have won, which means the defenders may tag the person running away with the flag, and return the flag back and defend it again.

Hopefully, that doesn’t sound complicated. Everyone soon gets the idea once they start playing.

Playing the Game

This is a great game if you’ve got a group together, but obviously, watch the bigger and smaller children together and make sure it doesn’t get too energetic.

We also played it as a family of 5, but here we had kids vs. parents, which was great fun.

For our flag, we used the Union Jack from our BattleBox, and the defenders base was their den (see Building a Den).

You can use anything as a flag: a tea towel or even a plastic bag (with a bit of imagination).

This is a great game for a family picnic or gathering with friends.

Here’s a video with some shots of us playing Capture the Flag without BattleBox Den.

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