Writing Guidelines

If you are writing material for Get Out With The Kids, here are some guidelines to follow for successful publication.

Writing Guidelines

Writing for us isn’t difficult, but these guidelines must be followed.

  • Before writing anything, you should discuss with us what you intend to write. This is so we can provide you with some pointers on what would fit well on GOWTK. We also don’t want you to spend time working on something that we already have content for.
    If you don’t know what to write, we can help with that too.
    You can submit draft articles here, or send a private message to either Gav or Shell to discuss topic ideas.
  • Your article should be at least 800 words (give or take).
  • Your article must be unique – i.e. not an article already published elsewhere, and not something copied and pasted from other articles or websites.
    If you have your own personal blog then, once your article is published on GOWTK, GOWTK holds the copyright. However, you may publish your article on your own personal blog after 30 days as long as there is a statement at the top of the page stating that the article was first published on Get Out With The Kids with a link back to the original article.
    Any enhancements we’ve made to your article (such as additional information, our photos, etc.), would generally not be reproducible, though check with us first.
    You may not publish content you have written for us on other websites, other than your personal blog.
    That sounds like a lot of rules, but are there to simplify copyright disputes and stay within Google’s guidelines.
  • We maintain editorial rights over your content so that we can format and edit it so that it fits well on GOWTK, and to link to any related content we deem fit.
  • We ask that you supply at least 1 or 2 photos. By supplying your photos, you permit us to publish them on GOWTK and also on social media channels to help promote your article.

Your ‘Bio’ and Profile

We want to make sure you are correctly attributed to the articles you write.

Each article will contain your author bio, which can include links to your website and social media channels.

This is an opportunity to tell the readers about yourself. Please write this in the third person. We also require that you have a profile photo. This should be a headshot of you. Our readers respond well when articles are from people.

You can update your profile after logging in.


Promoting your Article

We will share your article with our audience across several channels.

We kindly ask that you also share your published article with your social media followers.

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