Kids Trespass Snow Boots Review

September 7, 2015

Thinking of getting something better than wellies for your kids when it snows? We review some affordable kid’s snow boots from Trespass.

Kids Trespass Snow Boots

When there’s snow on the ground, just sticking normal wellies on your kids feet won’t be enough. They’ll soon be complaining of cold toes and no longer enjoy being outside.

You could get a pair of very thick welly socks to line their boots, but if they’re already running short on space in their boots, cramping their foot won’t help. Of course you can also get lined wellies like those from Kozi Kidz.

Alternatively get some snow boots.

As you know, buying kids shoes isn’t cheap. And buying yet another pair of boots just adds to the costs.

Well we came across a really good deal for these Trespass snow boots – and the kids love them.  But are they any good?

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The boots are thermally lined and feel quite warm.

We ordered a size larger than their feet currently are, and just as well due with the lining.

The lower half of the boot is completely rubberised so very water proof.

The sole also had a very good tread, unlike a lot of kids wellies.

Down the side of each boot is a zip making them easier to get on and off, and there’s also a velcro strap that goes above the foot – I guess to help prevent the boot being left behind if deep in snow!

And of course, a drawl string around the top to prevent snow getting inside.

All in all, a very good boot for this season’s snow.


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