Two Person Inflatable Kayak – Sevylor Tahiti

This person inflatable kayak solves the problem of transporting a boat to the water in two ways:

  1. It’s inflatable (duh… that was given, wasn’t it)
  2. It converts to a backpack when deflated

Even if you don’t plan hiking with it, it does give you a good idea of how small it goes when deflated, and having carried my inflatable boat, both inflated and semi-inflated over barbed wire to get it to the water, the thought of something that easily goes on your back is appealing.

Where’s this kayak suitable for?

This is really intended for lakes and rivers.  When it comes to rivers, in my opinion I would class it as suitable for leisure paddling only, and not take it down any serious rapids.

An advantage the kayak design has over flat bottomed boats is that they cut through the water more and less prone to getting blow by the wind.  If you’ve every tried to row an inflatable boat across a large lake in any sort of breeze you’ll know what I mean.

The hull on this canoe is certainly better than a flat bottomed inflatable boat, it is doesn’t have a well defined keel as you would expect (and need) on a rigid sea kayak, and hence stick to lakes and easy going rivers.

Inflating and Deflating

As with most inflatable craft, this Sevylor Tahiti uses a large boston valve to make inflating and deflating quick and easy.

Personally we have both the Sevylor hand pump and also use our trusty Coleman 12V pump to inflate our inflatable boats.

Another feature of the Sevylor craft is the easy inflation indicator, ensuring you have inflated enough, but not over inflated.

Is it good for the kids?

We think this inflatable kayak is an ideal option for family activities on the option – especially as it enables you to get out and start having fun at a good entry price.

  • Lightweight enough for someone to paddle themselves
  • A good configuration for an adult and child, or a could of kids on their own
  • Quite stable design for a kayak
  • A line can be attached to the grab-handle at the front if you want to tether your kids while they learn, or if travelling in a convey

We were considering getting the Sevylor Tahiti for our two older kids, but decided to purchase two one-person Intex Challengers instead (so that they could learn to paddle individually).

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