Want to get a family of four on the water? Look at the Intex SeaHawk 4

January 7, 2018

Need to get four people afloat? Have a look at the Intex SeaHawk 4

If you are a family of four and want to get out on the water, then the Intex SeaHawk 4 could the solution you need.

This boat has plenty of good reviews, and being inflatable, it is easy to transport and store.

We have an inflatable boat similar to the photo above, and it rolls up into the car boot fine. Just put down a tarp in the boot first when you load a wet boat!

This kit comes with oars and a hand pump.

If you don’t like rowing, you can also get a motor mount and let the engine take the strain.

For planning to explore up river, get an electric trolling motor. These are much quieter and you won’t scare off the wild life as easily.

The boat also comes with a rod holder, if fishing is your thing.

More Information

You can view more details on the Intex SeaHawk 4 web site.

The Owner’s Manual can be downloaded here.

The following video shows the sort of contents you can expect with the complete boat set package.

Alternatives to the SeaHawk 4

Although slightly smaller, you may want to consider the SeaHawk II.  Despite the similar name the SeaHawk II is a three person boat in their ‘Pro’ series (the SeaHawk 4 is in their ‘Sport’ series).  The SeaHawk II may be the better option if you are using the boat regularly or encountering rocks and pebbled beaches as it has a slightly harder wearing hull.

The following video shows some people white water rafting in the SeaHawk, which is pushing the boat beyond what it’s intended for, but it does show how tough it is.

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  1. hi can you tell me if there is a bag to store boat in when deflated

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