Canoeing and Watersports
National Go Canoeing Week – Give paddling a try

It's National Go Canoeing Week. Canoeing is a great family activity. There's starter sessions and guided tours up and down the country. Read here for more.

Canoeing the Shropshire Union Canal from Ellesmere

We enjoyed a fun afternoon padding the Shropshire Union Canal from Ellesmere in the sunshine. We also answer some questions about family canoeing on canals.

Surfing Kids

So you're not sure about getting out on those waves? Get some inspiration from these surfing kids.

Buoyancy Aids or Life Jackets: what’s the difference?

This guide helps you choose a buoyancy aid or life jacket, which one is appropriate, and what's best for children and family water sports.

How to repair an inflatable canoe (Intex Challenger K1)

Inflatable canoes are easier to store and easier to transport, but the can and do get punctured. Here's how we repaired ours, which was very easy to do.

Are expensive inflatable canoes worth it?

There are some really expensive inflatable canoes, but are they worth it? What's better than the cheaper ones?

Teaching Swimming and Water Confidence

Water confidence is essential to help teach your child to swim. Here are a few tips you can do in the pool to help build confidence in the water.

What are the best Kids Swimming Goggles? We test the Aqua Sphere Seal Kids

Kids get through swimming goggles yet it is hard to find good kids swimming goggles that fit. Here we've reviewed feedback from other parents for the best ...

Try before you buy and learning the basics

There are many places where you can get on the water and try out canoeing, such as a family holiday where you can hire a canoe and paddle around on safe ...

Want to get a family of four on the water? Look at the Intex SeaHawk 4

The Intex SeaHawk 4 is a larger than normal inflatable boat, enabling the family to enjoy a day on the lake or the river. It comes with oars too.

Get Out With The Kids
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