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What are the best Kids Swimming Goggles? We test the Aqua Sphere Seal Kids

Posted by Gav Grayston.
First Published Mar 2013; updated Apr 2023.

Kids get through swimming goggles yet it is hard to find good kids swimming goggles that fit. Here we've reviewed feedback from other parents for the best kids swimming goggles, and try the best ones out.

Here's a collection of great kids swimming goggles, plus we put the Aqua Sphere Seal kids goggles to the test.

The Aqua Sphere Kids Goggles come with a case

I don't know about you, but our kids get through swimming goggles.

Plastic snaps, straps break, or they pick off the rubber that goes around the goggles and loose it.

So, having to find yet more goggles, I pulled together this handy list of some great and not-too-expensive kids goggles.  I hope it's a useful list for you as well.

Mask Style Goggles

Mask style kids goggles fit around the eyes and can be more comfortable to wear.

Aqua Sphere Seal Kids Goggles

Aqua Sphere Kids Seal Goggles

Best Reviewed: Priced around £10, these are more expensive than cheap Speedo goggles (which we've found don't last too well).

Available in blue, green, pink, and clear - but the price is slightly different for each colour.

These goggles have had great reviews.  Here's what parents saying:

'The best goggles you can get for kids', Amazon customer

  • They fit very well and don't need constant adjusting to prevent water getting in
  • Are more comfortable for kids as they fit outside the eye socket
  • The goggles didn't mist up

Despite the hundreds of 5 and 4-star reviews, there are a handful of 1-star reviews, which looked like a few people were unlucky to receive defective products (though one 1-star review recommends these goggles, which I thought was a bit odd!).

Since these appeared to be the best kids goggles, we decided to buy a pair. You can see how well these goggles have performed in our review below.

Read our test of these goggles > Find on Amazon >

Zoggs Kid's Phantom Goggles

Zoggs Kids Phantom Mask Goggles

Worthy Alternative: This kids mask from Zoggs is aimed at 2 to 8-year-olds (though see parents' comments on the sizes below), comes with anti-fog lenses and in either pink or blue colours.

Here's what parents reviewing are saying:

'These were recommended to me by my daughter's swimming teacher....much better fit around the eyes, are more comfortable for her to wear, and don't fill with water.', Amazon customer

  • They don't pinch the eyes or face
  • Great vision underwater
  • Helped with confidence in the water

Despite the many positive reviews, there were a few negative ones. One parent said that they had two pairs of these goggles and both broke at the nose.

Another issue appears to be with the size. Despite saying they can be worn from the age of 2, it appears for many parents that these goggles only really fit their children properly from the age of 4.

Find on Amazon >

Regular Style Googles

Aqua Sphere Moby Kids Goggles

Aqua Sphere Moby Kids Goggles

Best Reviewed: These Aqua Sphere kids swimming goggles come in clear or pink, and have anti-scratch and anti-fog coated lenses.

At the time of building this list, they had ten 5-star reviews.  No review was below the full 5 stars.

'My 7 and 9 year old children have been using these goggles since they were 5 years old', Amazon customer

  • Do not fall off when daughter jumps into the water
  • Fit well and keep water out
  • Very comfortable
Find on Amazon >
Zoggs Phantom Junior Goggles

Worthy Alternative: Zoggs is a well know brand in the kids swimming market. These are the goggles version of the above kids Phantom Mask.

These kids' goggles are for kids aged 2-6 and come with anti-fog lenses.  Available in blue and pink.

Here are some comments other parents have made:

'These goggles are very easy to adjust, don't seem to fog up and fit comfortably without leaving red rings', Amazon customer

  • Fit well around the eyes
  • Easily adjusted with the 'Quick Adjust' strap
  • Anti-Fog
Find on Amazon >

Our Recommendation: Aqua Sphere Seal

Based on other parents' feedback, I will order the Aqua Sphere Seal Kids Goggles for our four-year-old.

I can see him being more comfortable than regular goggles, and the blue will match his SwimFin 😉

Will report back with a review once we've given them a good try.


**Update: **Well, we've now given the Aqua Sphere goggles a try and can report that these are excellent goggles.

**Update, 3 years on: **These Aqua Sphere Seal goggles are still working fantastically well. Even after being in heat and bright sunlight abroad in both the sea and pool.

Update, 4 years on: Our little reviewer is now eight-years-old (can't believe how the time flies) - and his Aqua Sphere goggles are still in regular use and work fantastic. These have travelled extensively now too. Great kids goggles!

Our reviewer for these was our four-year-old boy.

The goggles arrived in their own carry case. Hopefully, this will extend their life somewhat and stop them getting squashed in the bag.

Adjustable strap on the kids aqua sphere seal googles

Unlike many cheaper goggles, adjusting these is really easy. Simply push the button on the side of the goggles and you can easily expand or tighten them.

This makes fitting them nice and easy, and no squeezing tight goggles over your child's head.

These kids goggles were easy to put on

Being face-mask style goggles makes them more comfortable to wear for younger children, and the rubber seal around the goggles was comfortable and didn't let in water.

Kitted out with new goggles, dive sticks, and swim fin

So what did our little reviewer think? Well, great actually. No complaints at all about them, unlike previous swimming goggles we have tried.

In fact, with his excellent Swim Fin plus playing with the Zoggs Dive Sticks, he's having a great time when we visit the pool.