Recommended gear for kids surfing

September 23, 2019

You may have read Libby’s post on family surfing where she provided lots of useful information on surfing with kids, such as what age to start, where to go, and some recommended items to get if you want to take to the surf. If you’ve not read it, hop over there now.

In this post, we dive into those recommended items to get for your kids so that you can kit out your family with good surfing gear.

Surf Gear for your family

Surf Board for Kids

BIC Minimal Padded Surfboard - ideal for kids and beginners

BIC Minimal Padded Surfboard – ideal for kids and beginners

For a kids surfboard, the recommendation was for a BIC Minimal 7′ 6″ board. We found a padded BIC Minimal 7’6 board available from Shore for £269.  This included a basic leash.

If you want a bag for your new board that’s an extra £20.

Wetsuit to keep your kids warm

We all have summer wetsuits. The sea in the UK is just too cold in the summertime for extended play in the water. However, Libby recommends investing that bit extra in thicker winter wetsuits.

Having tried her wetsuits, we are now looking to buy thicker winter wetsuits. They will certainly mean you’ll get more out of the British waters.

There’s a lot of places that sell summer wetsuits. Libby’s advice is to look for 5/4 mm suits.

ONeill Youth Winter Wetsuit

ONeill Youth Winter Wetsuit

Again we found some appropriate child-sized wetsuits over on Shore, such as this O’Neill Youth wetsuit for ages 8 and 10 for £94 (for an 8-year-old).

Wetsuit Boots for Kids

ONeill Youth Wetsuit Boots

ONeill Youth Wetsuit Boots

You might have to shop around for wetsuit boots to fit your child.

Here we found a matching O’Neill youth wetsuit boot at 5mm, available in XS to Large, for £14.99 from Shore.

You can also find some kids wetsuit boots over on surfdome where you can select by kids shoe size, but unfortunately, a lot of the items available are for wetsuit shoes that you might wear in the summer.

Wetsuit Gloves for Kids

Alder Junior Wetsuit Gloves

Alder Junior Wetsuit Gloves

As with shoes, you may find it hard to get decent wetsuit gloves to fit your child’s hand. The problem is, the wetsuit material is quite thick, and I imagine tough to make into gloves with little fingers.

Gloves are probably only necessary in the colder months.

We did find these small 3mm wetsuit gloves over on surfdome for £11.99.

Kid’s Wetsuit Hood

Billabong Small Wetsuit Hood

Billabong Small Wetsuit Hood

A hood is a good idea when the sea or wind is cold, but you probably won’t want to wear one in summer.

We found it very difficult to find hoods specifically for children, though we did find this 2.5mm hood in an extra-small size on surfdome for £27.99.

Ear Plugs

Kids ear plugs for watersports

Kids earplugs for watersports

No one likes getting water stuck in your ear. Well, you or your kids will be in and out of the water a lot when surfing, and it’s a good idea to reduce the risk of an ear infection with some earplugs designed for water sports.

We’ve not tried these earplugs yet, and if you’re concerned that some may be a bit big for little ears,  you can get some mouldable kid-sized earplugs (and you can get some adult mouldable ear plugs too).

Rash Vest

You might want to get a rash vest too.

If your kids are like ours, they’ll want to be in the water until lunch, take their wetsuit off when having a picnic, and then want to go back in the water.

There’s nothing worse than putting on a damp wetsuit that has bits of sand in – especially if anyone has a bit of sunburn. Wearing a rash vest underneath can help prevent the sand rubbing.

What about your keys!

key pod

The Key Pod

If you’re all going into the water as a family (and why shouldn’t you?), then you’ll need somewhere for your keys.

A solution that’s been used by watersports enthusiast for ages in the ‘Key pod‘. This is a combination safe you can discretely lock somewhere on your car.

Frostfire Mooncode Car Key Safe

Frostfire Mooncode Car Key Safe

They’ve brought out a new version of the Key Pod but it’s had mixed reviews, but there are a few alternative car key safes.

The final tally

OK, so what’s the cost of kitting out one child for all year round surfing?

  • The surfboard is around £300
  • Winter wetsuit £100+
  • Wetsuit boots £15
  • Wetsuit gloves £12
  • Wetsuit hood £30

So that’s around £450.

Now depending on your perspective, that may be a lot of money, or not as much as you were expecting. There are after all a lot more expensive kids activities, hobbies, and things they want (especially if they start wanting things like laptops!). The cost of not doing things can sometimes be higher.

If you are only going to go surfing a few times a year, you could save and go out with a school such as Board Games Surfing.


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