Joining #PlasticPatrol on SUP and Canoe

August 21, 2019

We’ve all heard by now just how much damage plastic is doing, and will continue to do for millions of years.

After becoming the first female to paddle across the English Channel on a Stand-up Paddleboard, or SUP for short, Lizzie ‘Outside’ Carr decided to do something about it.

So she created #PlasticPatrol.#PlasticPatrolSupported by the Canal and River Trust, Lizzie is running a number of free SUP sessions around the country so that you can get a taster of using the waterways on a SUP and also help clean-up the plastic problem.

Joining #PlasticPatrol at Ellesmere Port

We joined up with #PlasticPatrol at Ellesmere Port at the National Waterways Museum.

Unfortunately, under 18s couldn’t use the SUPs at this event, but that wasn’t a problem as we took our Sevylor Waterton Inflatable Canoe.

On the canal at Ellesmere Port with the #PlasticPatrol

The paddleboards were also inflatable. These were from a company called Fanatic, and we were really impressed by these boards. I notice they also do inflatable SUPs for kids.

They were a lot quicker to set-up and put away than our canoe for instance.

On the SUP and ready to go

It wasn’t long before we started to find rubbish.

Tom is a keen litter picker and was soon collecting lots, filling up our canoe.

Our canoe was filling up!

Plastic in the reeds

We found a lot of plastic cought up in the reeds.

After a couple of hours, we had collected a lot of plastic. It was time to get rid of this rubbish in the proper way.

Two 1-tonne bags were full of rubbish by the team the #PlasticPatrol team had finished.

The rubbish we collected

The plastic Tom collected

Getting rid of it

Time to get rid of the plastic properly

Get Your Family Involved

Whether you do it as part of an organised event, or get yourself a litter picker and do it yourself, this is an activity you can get the kids involved with.

Click here to see more of Lizzie’s #PLASTICPATROL Clean-up Events.

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