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Family Canoeing

Getting started with family paddling

  • Canoeing with Kids

    Why you might want to get on the water with your kids. Read more

  • Learning the Basics

    Is canoeing really for your family? Learn the basics and try before you buy a lot of canoeing gear. Read more

  • Choosing a Canoe

    Not sure what type of canoe is for you? Read our guide to the different types of canoe. Read more

  • What to Wear

    Not sure what your family should wear to go canoeing? Then read this. Read more

  • Insurance and Licenses

    Can't just canoe anywhere. Here's the low down on Licenses and Insurance. Read more

  • Where to Canoe

    Where to take your family canoeing. Read more

  • More Tips

    More tips for paddling with kids. Read more




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Map of places to get your family on the water