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Family Canoeing

Getting started with family paddling

  • Canoeing with Kids

    Why you might want to get on the water with your kids. Read more >

  • Learning the Basics

    Is canoeing really for your family? Learn the basics and try before you buy a lot of canoeing gear. Read more >

  • Choosing a Canoe

    Not sure what type of canoe is for you? Read our guide to the different types of canoe. Read more >

  • What to Wear

    Not sure what your family should wear to go canoeing? Then read this. Read more >

  • Insurance and Licenses

    Can't just canoe anywhere. Here's the low down on Licenses and Insurance. Read more >

  • Where to Canoe

    Where to take your family canoeing. Read more >

  • More Tips

    More tips for paddling with kids. Read more >

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Learning to Swim

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Map of places to get your family on the water

7 Tips to Start Your Kids Bodyboarding

Bodyboarding is a great way to get your kids active in the sea and you don't need big waves to do it either. Here are 7 tips to get started.

Getting your Family Started with Scuba Diving

Ever thought of exploring under the water? Perhaps getting the family adventuring below the waves? Scuba diver Austin tells us what you need to know to get ...

Paddleboarding Tips for Parents: 7 ways to Safeguard Your Children

Stand-up Paddleboarding is excellent family fun. Jason Paul, a paddleboarding expert, provides safety tips to keep your kids safe when using a SUP.

Joining #PlasticPatrol on SUP and Canoe

Plastic is causing a lot of problems on our waterways and elsewhere. We join #PlasticPatrol on SUP and canoe and help clean-up Ellesmere Port.

Baby on board: sailing with a baby

You love sailing but then your life gets more complicated: you have your first baby. But, is it still possible to enjoy the open water with a little one? Gus ...

Paddling to Rio via Windermere

We've just completed one of the canoeing challenges on Lake Windermere. A few more miles closer to Rio!

Paddling the Mersey – An Urban Canoe Adventure

Read about this family-friendly urban canoe adventure on the River Mersey. No experience needed. So take your family on an organised canoe trip like this.

Lake Bala Challenge (or waves aren’t only found at sea)

We under took Go Canoeing's Lake Bala / Llyn Tegid Challenge, paddling to the end and back again...only we did it in inflatable canoes, two of which had to be ...

Stand Up Paddleboarding….or SUP as it is known for short!

Stand up paddleboarding (or SUP) is another great way to get the entire family on the water. It's fun and keeps you fit too. Read this family guide to SUPs.

Recommended gear for kids surfing

Just how much does it cost to buy decent surfing gear for your family? We dive through recommend family surfing gear and how much each item might cost you.

A Family Guide to Surfing – All your questions answered

Many people enjoy surfing, but is it safe for kids, and can you really do it in the UK? Surf instructor Libby answers in this great guide to family surfing.

Paddling with Kids – How to introduce kids to canoeing without the worries

Getting on the water as a family brings many family adventures. But how do you introduce kids to canoeing? Here are some great tips on paddling with kids.

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