Junior Ready Beds

Planning an overnight stay with a toddler?  A sleepover at the grandparents? No bed?  No sleeping bag?  Consider a Junior Ready Bed.

Junior Ready Bed Review

Why get a Ready Bed

Junior Ready Beds are small inflatable beds with a built in sleeping bag.  Simply inflate and the bed is ready.

The sleeping bag part is detachable for easy washing.

These make great travel beds for small children, and an ideal solution if you you are going to be staying somewhere that’s short of beds.


  • Ideal for overnight stays when there isn’t a bed for your little one.
  • There’s no drop if they roll out of bed and onto the floor.
  • Ready beds are relatively cheap and widely available with a large selection of their favourite characters.
  • The air bed is built in and they often come with a very basic foot pump.


  • The sleeping bag part is very thin, so they’re best to use indoors.  If you are camping camping you’ll need to bring some additional blankets (we would not recommend camping with a ready bed other than in the summer months).
  • The air beds are cheaply made.  Often the valve doesn’t have a great seal and you may need to re-inflate a little each day.
  • The cheap foot pumps supplied can take a while to inflate the beds. You can use other pumps though.
Top tip: if you have two adults and one toddler, or two adults with two kids plus a toddler, staying in hotel rooms gets more expensive.   If the room can fit a cot, speak to the hotel about bringing your own toddler ready bed.  Most will be perfectly fine about it and is saves on getting a larger or two rooms – a massive saving on the cost.

Disney Cars Junior Ready Bed Review

The Junior Ready Bed has been great when an extra bed is needed
We have been using our Disney Cars Junior Ready Bed for at least 3 years.

It has been used for sleepovers and staying overnight at grandparents and we’ve taken it to hotels, saving us quite a bit of money.

Despite having a toddler jumping on it with toys all in the bed, we’ve not had one puncture. This lasted a lot longer than we expected.

Our little lad is now a bit bigger. The bed still fits him. Most of these ready beds are recommended for ages 3 to 6 years.

We don’t use the ready bed for camping. Instead we’ve got a kids camping airbed (See Kampa Airlock Junior Airbed mentioned below for more details) that we can use with a real sleeping bag.

Things to watch for

  • Inflating with the supplied pump takes a while. We use a better hand pump or our electric pump when possible, but use the adaptor from the supplied pump.
  • The ready-bed will slowly loose some air over a few days. Just top it up with the pump.
  • Make sure you have secured the valve properly.
  • It can make a noise. When your child turns over the sleeping bag rubs against the plastic, which can make a noise – a bit like a ballon being rubbed.
    We don’t get this noise on our camping air beds as they are flocked.

What you get

The Junior Air Bed in its bag
The ready bed comes in a small bag along with a small foot pump.
The supplied pump with the ready bed is very basic
If you have a larger pump, use that instead (see below).

Using the Ready Bed with a better pump

We take the adaptor form the supplied pump and use it with a better pump
The foot pump on our ready bed comes in two parts: the small foot pump and the hose.

We found that we can use the hose on a better pump, and instead of taking 5 to 10 minutes to inflate, we can get the ready bed pumped up in around a minute.

Do not over inflate though, as that is one quick way to get a puncture in your ready bed.

Tips on deflating and putting it away

If you just unscrew the valve and try and fold it up, you’ll never get it back in the bag.

On our ready bed (and I believe this is the case for all the ready beds), the valve is designed to not let all the air out when it is unscrewed. So what you need to do is put your finger in the valve and hold back the flap. This will let the air out really quickly.

I then start at the bottom end of the ready bed and start rolling it up, keeping the roll nice and tight to squeeze all the air out.

Then I unroll out, fold it in half lengthways (so it is half the width), and then re-roll it. Without this last step the rolled up ready bed will be too large for its bag.

That may sound like a lot of work but you can get it put all away within a minute or two at most.

Some Top Rated Junior Ready Beds

The following junior ready beds have received good reviews from other parents.

Toddler Camping Airbed

If you’d like an airbed for camping then we recommend the Kampa AirLock Junior Airbed. Read our review here.


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