Extra Peace of Mind: Well Designed Travel ID’s for Kids

June 18, 2014

Every parent’s nightmare is losing or getting separated from your child when on a day out or travelling. Luckily,  it is something we have never experienced, but it’s never far from the back of our minds. Here’s a simple but effective solution for a bit of reassurance from iDME.

Keeping track of your children when you are out is no easy task, especially when you have more than one! Visit a busy family attraction, airport, or even the shops, and you need more eyes than…well…something with lots of eyes!

iDME Wristbands

Well, iDME wristbands can help provide you with a bit of reassurance that if your child was to get lost they can safely be re-united with you as soon as possible.

in a medical emergency the appropriate treatment can be given

The iDME Wristbands contain emergency contact details, so should the worst happen and your child gets lost, your contact details are on them. They can also contain information about any medical conditions that the child may have, such as diabetes, so in a medical emergency the appropriate treatment can be given.

Contact Card

The wristband comes in a packet with two waterproof pieces of card.

On the piece of card there is space to write your child’s details: name, guardian, emergency contact, home, allergies, and any medications your child might need.

The card folds easily to fit inside the wristband and is tear proof.

Additional cards can be ordered if you need them (such as for different contact details when staying at different hotels).

iDME child identity wrist band pack contents

Easy Fit

The velcro strap on the wrist band is adjustable to fit difference sized wrists.

We tried it on our kids, and it was a good fit on both the youngest (four) and the oldest (thirteen), though officially they are for ages 3 to 9.

Unlike a child ID bracelet, the iDME wristbands are more durable, and quite secure when fitted. This is great for active kids or using your identity wristband when doing outdoor activities.


Will kids wear the ID wristband?

Wearing the iDME identity wrist band
To test it out we went to a busy  family attraction and gave it to our 4-year-old to wear. He was very happy to wear it and there was no complaints from him.

It looked cool and funky on and he was actually quite proud of it.

He wore it happily all day – we even had to remind him to take it of when we arrived home!


The idME wristbands come in a range of colours. We tried the reflective band (yet another safety feature), but you can also get them in red, yellow, pink, blue, and both blue or green camouflage.


The great thing about the wristband is that you can keep using it, unlike some paper wrist bands you get at some (very few) attractions.

We’ve already used the wristband again for other days out and travelling.

It’s a simple concept but great reassurance to know that if your child was to get separated from you they could be reunited with you as soon as possible, and potentially save your child’s life.

A thumbs up from our 4-year-old and us 🙂

iDME Wrist Band in use at the SEA Life centre

Haven’t I seen this before?

Yes – Dragon’s Den!

To find out more check out the iDME website.

With thanks to iDME for providing us with their fantastic wristband to review.

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Father to 3 kids, who loves getting out and about (hiking, running, camping, cycling, canoeing...) Co-founded Get Out With The Kids to help other parents enjoy the outdoors with their family.

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  1. Hi,
    I read your review of the iDME wristbands and agree they are very good; however
    I have upgraded my sons with a new insert from cerql.co.uk which has a QR code.
    I can now include loads more information plus a photo of me and his dad I can
    also update info/photo without replacing the card. Great value £1.99 for 2.
    Hope this is of interest, regards Luana

  2. Ooh I’ve been looking at these for a festival we’re going to. I’ve read conflicting advice though about putting your child’s name on there. Master ATWWAH is at an age where he proudly tells anyone his name who asks anyway.

    • Yes, we had the same discussion, but ours too would say their name anyway. We felt that on balance this was a minor thing compared to an official getting his name right and announcing it over a tannoy or something.
      We’ve used ours lots of times.

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