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June 18, 2014

Ever wanted to experience the most incredible outdoor adventure based holiday without leaving the comforts of a real home? Or has the thought of breaking your bank account hindered even the possibility to consider such a trip? If so, then Home Swap is for you. Travel all around the world to any destination your heart desires whilst staying in your “home away from home”, without breaking the bank. Too good to be true? Keep reading.

Lake Tahoe

we were off to California!!

From the very beginning the process was simple, once I expressed interest on a home that caught my eye we began chatting- they were so kind and helpful immediately putting any worries I had at ease…and then suddenly voila the dates were set and an agreement was organised, we were off to California!!

This is the sort of kitchen you may find when swapping a home
Travelling with a family can be such an exhausting task but once we arrived I instantly relaxed, how could I not staying in my “home away from home?” The kids immediately ran off to explore their new surroundings and I was able to put my feet up in the lounge and read over all the local advice and recommendations left by my home swap partner.  

…camping in Yosemite National Park, hike the Halfdome, hire a boat and go water-skiing on Lake Tahoe, white water rafting…

A Californian Street
There were so many activities my family and I wanted to do whilst in California; spend a few nights camping in Yosemite National Park, hike the Halfdome, hire a boat and go water-skiing on Lake Tahoe, white water rafting – well the kids were eager for that one, I wasn’t so enthusiastic, but the list went on and for once we were able to actually do all these amazing activities together as a family without feeling guilty or worrying about the money we were spending. This is because we had saved so much money on accommodation costs we were able to reinvest those savings back into our trip, making our experience all the more memorable.

No matter how many times you home swap, a full years membership with Knok, including home insurance, is cheaper than one night accommodation at a hotel!! Insane right?

cheaper than one night accommodation at a hotel

Knok is a new generation home swap community with thousands of homes in over 159 countries. It is not just ideal for families, but the convenience and ease of the entire process along with not missing those special moments around the dinner table with your family just makes this home exchange platform so remarkable.

I actually returned from a holiday feeling relaxed

For once I actually returned from a holiday feeling relaxed and also satisfied that my children had a great time (the two usually don’t mix in my household). Home swap is the travel choice of the future, my only warning to you is that you will get hooked! Now I spend all my time organizing where I am travelling next, Spain, New Zealand, Thailand, Germany….

This guest post was written by Penelope H. who works for Knok, a new generations ‘home swap’ platform that enables people to find the best home exchange for their holidays.

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