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February 1, 2019

Gadget Organiser

If you or your kids have electronic gadgets (and who doesn’t these days), and you are off on your travels this summer, here are some items you may find useful.

Organising and Protecting your Gadgets when Travelling

These days we all have a lot of gadgets….especially the kids.

And these gadgets need cables and power supplies. Lots of cables and power supplies!

Well here’s a neat solution we came across from Easy Camp: a gadget organiser designed for travel.

This one includes a tablet case and we’ve used this with both an iPad Mini and a full sized iPad 2.

Your tablet is protected with a neoprene cover, and the gadget organiser is stiff too, which should also help protect your tablet.

The organiser itself consists of a number of rubber straps that you can easily place more gadgets, cables, chargers, headphones, etc. So that everything is kept in one place for when you travel.

Power on the Go

Powering up Geocaching with the external battery pack on the iPhone

Of course, gadgets can soon run out of power, and when travelling, there’s not always a handy power supply available.

I’ve been using this Go Travel twin power bank since last year, and it’s still going strong and charging my gadgets.

Since I’ve been doing a lot of travelling recently, the power bank now sits ready for use in the Easy Camp Gadget Organiser.


Music on the Go


We bought this bluetooth speaker a couple of years ago and it’s still working well.

There’s lots of bluetooth speakers around, but this has quite good sound for its size, has a built-in rechargeable battery, and hasn’t let us down.

The Penknife – the all time Non-Electrical travel gadget?

Easy Camp Folding Cultery

Finally, here’s an electronics free gadget that is kind of fun.

It looks like a pen knife, but is actually a knife, fork, spoon, and of course, a can & bottle opener.

Using it and well, it’s not as sturdy and robust as a Victorinox pen knife, but it’s been a useful little item to have around.

Disclaimer: We have used all of the above travel gadgets and know they work. Some were review samples supplied by manufacturers, but all opinions are our own.


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