Can you have a Mediterranean style family beach holiday with a caravan?

December 22, 2017

“Can you have a Mediterranean style family beach holiday with a caravan?” Well, that’s the question we tried to answer.

We’ve been loaned Casper the caravan, a Compass Casita 586 family caravan, for just over a year now. The Camping and Caravanning Club had given us a challenge of visiting Treasure Houses and Gardens around the UK, and so we’re definitely feeling like more seasoned caravanners than when we first started. However, we haven’t had a chance to use the caravan as a base for a longer stay at a campsite. And that’s something we think a caravan should be great for.

With the summer holidays approaching, it was the next obvious caravan challenge: could we manage to have a beach holiday in the south of Europe, but using the caravan instead of flying and staying in a hotel, apartment, or villa?

With all the windows open, the caravan stayed quite cool

So where to go? Europe is a big place.

The Camping and Caravanning Club has a travel service that helps you book campsites abroad for caravans and motorhomes, so we started searching their travel website for ideas.

We only had two weeks off work

We only had two weeks off work and with the distances involved, our choice of destinations would be limited. We wanted to take the kids to as many countries as possible and still have at least a week by the hot southern European coast.

Looking at the options available, we decided to go back to a campsite we had been to before: Camping Ca’Savio in Italy.

So, with the destination set, it was time to start planning the trip in more detail. Just how were we going to get from our historic hometown in the heart of the UK to the historic and world-famous floating city of Venice…. with a caravan in tow!

Are you interested in doing a similar trip with your family? Then read our full series on our European Caravanning trip.

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