European Caravanning

Planning a trip across Europe with your caravan? So are we. We’ll post any useful info we find here, as well as updates on our trip, to help you plan something similar with your family.

Update: Well, our European Caravan Trip was fantastic. Here’s our video of the trip.

[ytp_video source=”LI12xamFdbc”]


To read our series in order, where we take you through the planning and where we went, then click here to read the first articleCan you have a Mediterranean style family beach holiday with a caravan?

Travelling back home across Europe

The journey back home was going to be long, and as it turned out, a little bit more than we expected...

Taking our Caravan over the Italian Alps

Our caravan trip continues, travelling over the Austrian and Italian Alps, and heading down to the Italian coast.

The Mountains Are Calling and I must.. take the caravan!

The Austrian Alps were a hidden gem that we would have missed if we had flown to Italy.

Travelling to Germany with the Caravan

For our first time towing a caravan through Europe, we head off from the Canterbury campsite to Burg Lahneck campsite in the Rhine Valley.

Planning a Caravan Trip across Europe

Is it possible to tow your caravan to southern Europe, and how do you prepare for such a trip? We share the tools we used to plan our European caravan trip.

Can you have a Mediterranean style family beach holiday with a caravan?

Just how far could you go with your caravan? A summer holiday by the beach in southern Europe perhaps?

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