5 cool things for summer picnics

November 12, 2018

What family doesn’t have picnics? Here are five things to uplift your picnicking.

5 Cool Items for Summer Picnics

Picnics are an essential part of family days out, whether it’s breaking up a long journey, or the picnic is the day out itself.

We’ve had picnics in all weathers and all locations, but when the sun is out, picnics on a beach, on a hilltop, or a river bank, or on a campsite, here’s some cool items for having a picnic.

Picnic Rug

Easy Camp Picnic Rug

A picnic rug is essential for a good picnic. We found this insulated rug from Easy Camp great, especially when the ground is cold or wet.

There are many picnic rugs available. For a good picnic, make sure your picnic rug has waterproof backing, so it doesn’t get damp on the days when there’s wet grass.

This picnic rug from Easy Camp not only has a waterproof backing, but it also has an insulating reflective backing, making it warmer to sit on than the cold ground.

We’ve been giving this picnic rug a try, and it’s not only good for picnics but sitting around the campfire in the evening too, when it’s insulation becomes noticeable.

Square Eggs

Eddingtons Egg Cuber

Square Eggs?

Hardboiled eggs are quick and easy to take on a picnic, but they’re not popular with everyone, especially kids. However, what if they were square?

You simply take the shell off your hardboard egg and pop it into this container. When you take it out later, it’s square.

The makers also point out that it has its practical side too: it stops the egg rolling off the plate!

Portable Sun Bed

Easy Camp Sun Beach Bed

Taking it easy!


Just once in a while, the sun comes out, the kids are happily playing, and you get a moment to enjoy the sun (usually after the picnic is devoured!).

This recliner from Easy Camp is such a great idea, and we’ve been giving it a try.

It can be carried over the shoulder (it’s lightweight), and simply unfolds to create a reclining sun bed, so great for taking to the beach or if you are planning on ‘chillaxing’ after the picnic.

The material is well insulated from the ground, so it’s warm to sit on even when the ground isn’t.

It’s even flat and light enough to put in your suitcase 😉

Funky Kids Sandwiches

sandwich cutters

These cutters are great for making sandwiches fun for small kids. Some of these would be great for a day out at a zoo or safari park.

I like the way that these are different to ‘cookie cutters’, in that they’re sized to best fit a slice of bread, and designed to minimise waste – even the gap between the large elephant’s legs is used to make a little baby elephant.

Emergency Food

Emergency Food Box

Sometimes people can’t wait until the picnic for something to eat. Sometimes you reach an ’emergency’ situation, and the only resort is to give little (and big people) some food.

This is has got to be the best box for those emergency moments.

Doesn’t have to be filled with sandwiches. I think it may be better filled with those little food bribes 😉

Disclaimer: with thanks to Easy Camp for providing us with their picnic rug and sun beach chair so that we could review them.

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