4 of the Best Family Campsites in Switzerland

April 28, 2019

Mark’s on a mission to visit 75 countries. In this post, he rounds up four of the best campsites to take the family in Switzerland.


Camping Morteratsch

Camping Morteratsch is a campsite that is suitable for camping both in the summers and winters. It is situated 1860m above the sea level and can turn out to be the best camping/hiking holiday with your family.

Camping Morteratsch in Switzerland

Camping Morteratsch – Imaging pitching up between the trees with this view!

You can set up your tent near either of the two lakes near the campsite, or under the trees. Some of the best places to visit nearby are the Morteratsch and the Swiss National Park. Even in summers, the temperatures tend to drop at the night time, so make sure to carry enough insulation.

Camping next to stream in Swiss Alps

What a beautiful spot to camp, right next to this Alpine stream.

Things to do at the campsite


The Morteratsch Campsite has two lakes that you can swim in. A swim in the lake with your kids can be quite refreshing but make sure to check the temperature of the lake before jumping in, lest you not get frozen.

The lakes either side of the campsite.

A choice of two lakes for a spot of wild swimming, though depending on the season!

Go-karting and Biking rentals

Some go-karts and bikes are available for rent at the campsite, for taking your kids for an early morning ride or a ride in the evening just as the sun sets.

Swiss National Day

The Swiss National Day has got to be the most preferred time for camping at Morteratsch, since there is a parade that happens on the day, along with fireworks at night that can be a delight to the kids.

Things to do near the campsite

Morteratsch Glacier

The Morteratsch Glacier can be reached from the campground in a 15-minute walk, or can be reached by cars as well. It is an excellent opportunity to teach your kids the importance of global warming and how it affects earth real time. Through the way, you will find boards about the recession of the glacier with time, and what can be done by us, to prevent it from happening.

Morteratsch Glacier has got a Certificate of Excellence on Trip Advisor.

Swiss National Park

The Swiss National Park is a quite interesting place to look out for the famous Swiss flower, Edelweiss. The Swiss National Park can be reached by car and is around an hour’s drive from the campsite. There are guided tours, in which they take you hiking to reach the park.

Brewing coffee while looking at the Swiss Alps

A perfect view when making a brew!


  1. Kitchens
  2. Grocery Shop
  3. Restaurant
  4. Sanitation facilities


Manor Farm Campsite

Manor Farm Campsite is located on the edge of the gorgeous Thun Lake and has a beautiful Alpine setting to the front, the Bernese Oberland mountains. It’s a perfect choice for touring the spectacular Swiss Alps. [Gav: Manor Farm Campsite has five stars at EuroCamp]

The beautiful Thun Lake

Manor Farm is an ideal campsite to go out with your families and explore the countryside of Switzerland. Access to a private beach, lakeside setting, a plethora of fun activities and sports in and around the camping pitches. Closeby mountain walks are some of the things that make this a popular camping destination.

Camping at Manor Farm in Switzerland

Some of the prominent places to visit nearby are the nearby spa town of Interlaken, Jungfraujoch (the highest railway station in Europe) to get some breathtaking views of the Aletsch and Eiger glaciers.

Things to do at the Campsite


The Lake Thun has a private lake beach that is accessible from the campsite, is the most preferred choice for swimming in the Manor Farm Campsite.


The Manor Farm Campsite has provision for sports like Table Tennis, Football and water sports like Windsurfing and Rowing boats. It also has a golf course inside it.

It has three camping playgrounds, with swings and slides making quite a fun area for the children.

Things to do near the Campsite

Apart from all the activities that are available inside the campsite, there are a plethora of fun activities and sports that are available very near to the playground.

The water sports include Canoeing, Pedalos and Dinghy sailing whereas the activities include Golf, Horse Riding,  Cycling, Boat trips and River Rafting.


  1. A bar
  2. Internet access
  3. Grocery Shop
  4. Restaurants – Dining / Takeaway
  5. Games / TV room
  6. Laundry facilities
  7. Sanitation facilities


Santa Monica Raron Campsite

The Santa Monica Raron Campsite is at the heart of the Valais region in Switzerland, surrounded by the beautiful Alps, almost on all of its sides, and with the River Rhone running close by through the valley.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica campsite, Switzerland

The camping site also has first-class facilities that make it stand out as an excellent camping destination for families and children. The campsite has it all, from cafes to swimming pools, to secluded spots under the trees.

Camping at the Santa Monica campsite

Camping at the Santa Monica campsite

There are so many hiking destinations in Valais, that can be explored by bikes or by trekking.

There are also cable cars available for the less-fit to get up to the hills.

Things to do at the Campsite


The campsite has two solar heated swimming pools, one for adults and one for toddlers. It also has a sunbathing area and a paddling pool.


There is both a playground and a playroom at the campsite. It also has a reading room, a boccia area, and a ping-pong table. Very near to the grounds, there is a park-like area on the banks of a small river, with benches that you could visit for leisure and peace.


The campsite has bikes for rent depending upon the activity you prefer. Some of them are mountain bikes, city bikes, bicycles for children and e-bikes.

Things to do near the Campsite


Santa Monica is a convenient base for hikes such as the Aletsch Glacier, the Saas Valley, the Lötschental valley, and the Zermatt.

Sports & Activities

At around some distance from the campsite, you can find tennis courts, a golf club and horse riding activities.


  1. A bar
  2. Internet access
  3. Grocery Stores
  4. Restaurants – Dining / Takeaway
  5. Swimming Pool
  6. Laundry facilities
  7. Sanitation facilities
  8. Recreation activities for kids & adults


Des Glaciers at La Fouly

La Fouly, a small village in the Val Ferret region, is famous for its peaceful campsites, situated in the beautiful alpine region of Switzerland.

It’s peaceful and is a perfect destination for family camping. The Camping des Glaciers campsite is at an altitude of 1600 metres and supports a wide variety of sports and fun activities to make sure you have a wonderful time in the woods, away from the busy cities. In the winter, the place is open to skiing as well.

Camping at Des Glaciers campsite

Near to La Fouly, there is Verbier, which is also a mountain resort, that has a lot of activities for kids.

If you are visiting Des Glaciers in the winter, the temperatures can drop very low, so you might carry some sleeping bags to be on the safer side. Here are some of the sleeping bags that we have used for camping, that we have found to be the best. [Gav: Check out our Sleeping Bag Reviews here, and also remember to read our guide to sleeping bag temperature ratings.]

Things to do at the Campsite

TreeTop Trail

The campsite has four extensive treetop trails with zip lines that are classified according to age groups. It’s quite thrilling and is one of the most popular activities in Des Glaciers.

Bike riding

There are mountain bikes/scooters/bicycles available for rent at the campsite. If you wish to do mountain biking, you have an option to take the bike up with the help of a lift company, and then ride your way down the mountains.


Fishing is also possible at the mountain lakes or the rivers near the campsite, the best of them being Les Toules Dam, Champex, and Les Vaux.

Things to do near the Campsite


Some of the beautiful hikes of the region are Grand Combin, Grande Lui, Trient area and the Dolent, that can be trekked up.

Marmot Spotting

Marmot Spotting is added fun when you choose the marmot nature trail that is designed especially for children, near to the neighbouring Champex-Lac.


The place also supports adventure sports like paragliding, and other activities like Rock Climbing at La Fouly.


  1. Restaurants, a 5 minute walk away
  2. A supermarket, a 5 minute walk away.
  3. Sanitation facilities

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