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A European Roadtrip

Mountain Top Village in Austria

A European Road Trip

A view in the Austrian Alps on our European Road Trip

When you head for the sunshine of southern Europe by plane, you miss so much of Europe. Take a road trip and your family will see so much more. We took our caravan to the sunshine of Italy. Want to do something similar? Read our articles below, where we cover both the good and the bad of such a trip.

  • Is it Possible?

    Given two weeks off work, is it even possible to town a caravan to southern Europe and still have time for R&R? Read more >

  • Planning the Road Trip

    Planning a caravan-friendly route across Europe, and what items you have to take. Read more >

  • The Trip Starts: France, Belgium, and Germany

    Through the Eurotunnel down to our first overnight stay in the Rhine Valley in Germany. Read more >

  • Austria: The Hidden Gem

    The Austrian Alps are magnificent, and somewhere that is often missed. But not on this road trip. Read more >

  • Over the Alps and into Italy

    Our journey contines over the Alps and to our final stop in Italy. Read more >

  • ...and the long way back

    After a great holiday in Italy, we have to return home, though not as straightforward... Read more >

The Easy Way to Camp in Europe


Family Camping in Europe (the easy way!)

A pre-pitched family tent in Italy

So, you fancy taking your family camping in Europe? But, you don't have a tent? Perhaps you do have a tent, but would rather fly than drive all that way? Well, there is a solution that we tried... Read more >

Family Camping in France


A Family Camping Trip across France

Visit Paris while Camping

Just because you decide to go camping in France, doesn't mean you can't take in the sights of Paris. Oh, and then have a fab holiday at the beach. That's what Anna and her kids did. Read more >

Venice on a Family Budget


Venice on a Family Budget

Gondolas waiting at St. Marks Square in Venice

Venice is very expensive, especially if you are taking your family. But how do you get to see this ancient wonder and still get the summer family beach holiday? Well, there's an easy way to do it... Read more >

Summer in the Sun


Summer in the Sun

Our pool at night

Imagine having a holiday somewhere hot, like the Med. At the place you stay, your kids can swim in the pool when they like, even after dark. Meal times are when ever you want. You can even have cold drinks and ice creams by the pool: just go to the fridge freezer and help yourself. Oh, and it can cost less than taking your family on a package deal... Read more >

A US Road Trip


An American Road Trip

A fantastic picnic spot in Tulume Meadows in Yosemite National Park

For years the kids wanted to go to Disney World, but after many years of saving money for the trip, it was a shame that there only experience of the States would be a theme park. So instead, we set about planning this road trip down the West Coast of the USA. Oh, and they still went to a theme park.

  • Why you should do a family road trip

    A family road trip is a great way for your kids to see a bit more of the world. Though it's not always easy... Read more >

  • Booking a Fly-Drive Holiday

    Tips on booking a Fly-Drive family holiday. Read more >

  • Our Route

    The route and itinary for our family road trip in the USA. Read more >

  • Airport Hacks

    Airport hotels, airport parking, and flight delays. Read more >

  • Vegas, Desert, and Mountains

    Our first few days saw us acclimatise in Las Vegas, before heading out through the desert and Death Valley, before eventually reaching the Sierra Nevada mountains. Read more >

  • Mammoth Lakes

    We step out of our hotel and are taken by the magnificent beauty of the Sierra Mountains. Read more >

  • Tioga Pass

    The views over the Sierras could have been taken straight out of a copy of National Geographic Read more >

  • The Giant Redwoods

    These trees are immense. You feel as if you have shrunk when walking among them! Read more >

  • Yosemite Valley

    Yosemite is beautiful. Stunningly beautiful. Read more >

  • Welcome to San Francisco

    Arriving in San Francisco was.... interesting Read more >

  • Alcatraz

    A visit to 'The Rock' is a must when visiting San Francisco Read more >

Renting a Motorhome in the USA

RV at beach with Tampa Bay Skyway Bridge

Hiring a Motorhome in the USA

Why not combine a motorhome holiday and a trip across the USA

Why not combine a motorhome holiday and a trip across the USA. Here are some useful tips on hiring a motorhome (or 'RV') in the USA.

4 of the Best US Campsites


4 of the Best Family Campsites in the USA

A fantastic shot of the Grand Canyon by James Keiser

If you want to take the family camping in the States, you have a huge choice of places to go. Fortunately, travel writer James Kaiser pins down four of the best family campsites he has visited. Read more >

Motorhome Travel


Motorhome Travel

Securing the kids bikes to the motorhome

Have you ever considered packing your family up into a motorhome and heading off on the open road across the UK, Ireland, or Europe? We tried it and... Read more >

A Home Away


A Home Away

The kitchen of a traditional Lake District cottage we hired

Does the sound of exploring somewhere new but with your own home-from-home? Perhaps with a roaring fire or log burner? A traditional kitchen where the family can eat? We'll there's one cottage hire company that we've always had success with... Read more >

Travel Tips

  • Inflatable Car Seat

    We've been using this great inflatable car seat. Just stow in your luggage and inflate after you have landed. Research more >

  • Driving in Europe

    Things to take when driving in Europe. Research more >

  • Car Games

    A few activities to keep the kids entertained on long car journeys. Research more >

  • Packing and Travel Hacks

    Some Packing and Travel Tips and Hacks Research more >

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