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Motorhome Travels

Pack all your family’s adventure gear in motorhome and set off on an adventure.

Motor Home Travel

Take a Family Road Trip across the USA

It can take a bit of saving for, but a family road trip in the USA is an excellent adventure, and will give your kids experiences and view of the real United States instead of through TV, films, press, and theme parks.

After many years of not travelling abroad, we had saved enough for this holiday of a lifetime.

Read how we did it, where we went, and plan your own family road trip.

Visit Venice on a Budget

It can be a tricky balance: finding somewhere to broaden your kids horizons, somewhere to have fun and relax, and somewhere that fits into a sensible budget.

Fortunately this is possible. You can stay somewhere with beach access, the beaches are long and clean with plenty of space, there’s pools and kids entertainment, and you can easily get into Venice….by boat (of course). Click here to find out more.

Create your own bit of luxury in Spain AND save money if you are a larger family

If, like us, you have more than 2 children, you soon find hotels get even more expensive when looking for a holiday in the sun.

Self catering apartments become more like a small squat, as the very small living/eating area has to be turned into beds.

However, if you are prepared to organise things yourself, there is a more affordable option than many package holidays, plus you can end up with a holiday that’s far more luxurious than many family package holidays.

Travel and Stay in the UK

You don’t have to go abroad to travel; there’s plenty of places to stay and explore in the UK.

When we’re not travelling around the country camping (which is a really affordable way to explore the country), we have been known to stay in a cottage.

Unfortunately some cottages have been pretty dire, but at last we’ve found a company that’s always delivered the goods. See who we use to hire a cottage.

Useful Family Travel Resources

A few more travel tips:

Journey Tips

On the Beach


Travel Planning Tools

Find that perfect family cottage

GOWTK Thumbs Up AwardAs much as we love camping here on Get Out With The Kids, sometimes a solid roof over your head is the better option, especially if travelling far, arriving late at night, or the weather is not the best.

We’ve stayed with Sykes Cottages a number of times and have always been impressed. You can read our review of one of our stays here.

Create your own family holiday

Today it’s easier than ever to create your own family holiday.
It might take a bit more work, but if you are prepared to search for yourself, you could get a better holiday and cheaper than you can find in the travel agents.

Use Skyscanner to find availability of flights to where you want to go.

Book a family car abroad

You can easily hire a car to pick up at the airport you arrive up. For travelling in Europe this will certainly save you a lot of time in your holiday, avoiding having to take the ferry and spend hours driving….all in your right hand drive car. We’ve used Holiday Autos for finding and booking a car in Europe.

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