Zempire Aerodome 2 Inflatable Tent

Zempire Aerodome 2 Inflatable Tent
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The Zempire brings their unique design to the world of inflatable tents, creating a family sized tent that is fast to pitch.
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The Zempire Aerodome 2 is fast to pitch as you can simply inflate it. It also comes with a built in porch, which provides a great place to store wet things and provides a rain-proof way of entering the tent.
The Not So Great
The ventilation mesh on the exterior of the tent with little rain protection may not be for everyone, but from our testing this wasn't a problem at all.

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Last Updated: October 21, 2017

Since they arrived in the UK a few years ago I’ve been very keen to see what these tents are like.

Zempire, the New Zealand based company, brought a slight twist on family tent designs that we often see in Europe and the UK.

…just what are they like in practice?
But the big question I had was: just what are they like in practice?

Well our friends over at Camping World lent us one so that we could get a hands on look, and see what these new tents are like.

The Zempire Aerodome 2 Test Pitch

Camping World sell a number of Zempire Tents, and they sent us over one of the Zempire air framed tents.

As we’ve featured before with the Outwell Hornet XL, air framed tents are so much quicker to pitch, taking a lot of the hassle out of family camping.

The Zempire Aerodome 2 didn’t disappoint, and was quite fast to pitch. You should have it up in 10 to 20 minutes, depending on how fast you want to pump.

We gave it a test pitch in our back garden…

The Zempire Aerodome 2 comes with a hand pump with a built in pressure gauge. You inflate each air tube to around 7 psi.

There are 4 inflation points in the tent.

The hand pump also comes with an attachment and extra nozzle so you can pump two valves at once, that should in theory reduce the pitching time even further….though we kept things simple and inflated one tube at a time.

Aerodome 2 Layout

Inside the bedroom of the Zempire Aerodome 2

The Zempire Aerodome 2 has two bedrooms.

Each bedroom should take 3 people, though if only two people are sharing, you will have plenty of space.

In the middle dome part of the tent is the shared living space.

The Zempire Aerodome 2 comes with a porch area already attached that provides additional storage place, and great place to leave wet and muddy boots.

Little Design Touches

Unlike many air framed tents, the Aerodome 2 has its inflation valves inside the tent. You can access these through a flap that you unzip in the side of the tent.

Electrical entry into the Zempire bedroom

Inside the tent bedrooms, you get plenty of storage pockets. These can also be found on the outside of the tent too.

Each bedroom can have its own cable entry point if you need power in the bedrooms, and there is a large lantern hanging point in the main living space.

Zempire Aerodome II Features

Ventilation and Mesh

The Zempire tents certainly have a lot of ventilation built in, with points for air flow to enter low dow and leave through the top of the tent.

One of the common design features you see across the range of Zempire tents are the large ventilation mesh panels.

Unlike many tents designed for the UK, these mesh panels are not covered but left exposed. This looks very different, as we’re used to rain flaps that shelter the ventilation mesh.

Testing the external ventilation mesh on the Zempire Aerodome 2 tent

This was something I was keen to investigate. It was time for our simulated rain downpour (also known as the garden hose!).

Although the mesh is on the outside of the tent, it does have rain protection on the inside of the tent. So despite giving it a good soaking, no water entered the tent at all.

Only when I undid all the layers and the flysheet did I see water…which is not surprising: if you open a window when it is raining right at you, you are bound to get a little wet 😉

the ventilation mesh on the outside of the tent didn’t appear to be a problem in the rain at all
So, after my reservations about that aspect of the Zempire design, the ventilation mesh on the outside of the tent didn’t appear to be a problem in the rain at all.


The Zempire Aerodome Lantern Hook

Although we only did a test pitch in the garden, from what we saw of the Zempire Aerodome 2, it was a well-made tent with some different design features that worked well.

The large layout would mean a family of 4 could have quite a bit of bedroom space, and the built-in awning means there’s a lot of practical living and storage space too.

it’s fast and straightforward tent to pitch
Most importantly, it’s fast and straightforward tent to pitch.

We would like to thank Camping World for loaning us a Zempire Aerodome 2 so that we could conduct this test.

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